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Allah777 50M
43 posts
4/16/2011 3:29 pm
no jueges con mi corazon

No jueges con mi corazon.

Morena tu eres me vida y yo te cuido.
Morena tu eres mi mujer y yo te amo.
porque siempre buscas una pelea conmigo.
Tu dices que estoy con la guera y que yo
hago amor ella.Ella es mi amiga y ella
me entiende.Morena no jueges con mi corazon.
Yo siempre te abrazo y te doy mis besos.
Te llevo conmigo y te sabes to te quiero.
tu sabes que te amo.No me digas que estoy
haciendo mal.porque tu eres mi mujer.
I have never played with your heart.
I know what it is like to have a broken heart.
la guera is my friend,and she has been there
for me.Even when you have cheated on me.
But I have never touched her.Morena I love
you.So don't play with my heart.Morena I
love you.Don't try to lie to me.I know you.
I know you love me because you always go crazy when
I just look aat another girl.But you are my girl,and
I love you.No jueges con mi corazon.

by george