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El trio perfecto   5/26/2005

Mi experiencia para mí es un poco atrevida pero la verdad me encantan las emociones fuertes, todo comenzó un día de Octubre, cuando hable con mi amiga Nataly y le comenté que me atraía poder besar a una mujer y que lo que más me agradaba de una mujer eran sus senos y sobre todo si estuviesen grandes, para mí no hay cosa más excitante y rica que unos senos bonitos en una mujer, ella ...

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La primera vez A..O.   10/19/2005

Hola Aquí le voy a contar como fue mi primera vez..., todo en peso cuando salí con un muchacho me gusto en el instante que lo ví, salimos un par de veces, y al fin llegó el momento; me besó muy sensualmente, me quitó la ropa, me empezó a masturbar con su dedos me sentí la mujer más maravillosa del planeta. <br> De pronto me empieza a morder mi senos, ambos nos excitamos, ...

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iguanaa 37 M
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El sanitario   10/18/2005

Estaba yo estudiando en la universidad llegue a pensar que era la unica persona gay , un dia entrando al sanitario estaba yo orinando cuando alguin entro , por instinto eche un vistazo . Pero no pude ver quien era ya que entro a un ptrivado termine de orinar y cuando ya salia me disponia a salir pase por donde estaba aquel chavo metido no habia cerrado las puerta y lo unico que se asoma ...

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Forbidden love   11/17/2007

I came from the Far East. I’ve never dated Hispanic men before until I met him. He’s a construction manager who had a contract with my company. In the morning, I would come in the office early to avoid traffic. We talked once in awhile. Nothing seems out of ordinary. I didn’t know that he likes me until one day I asked if he can install hardwood floor for me. We ...

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patty25 41 F
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Que te gusta hacer en tu primera cita?   11/17/2007

me gustaría saber que es lo que cada uno les gusta hacer en su primera cita? Han encontrado esto complicado cuando hay una diferencia entre las culturas de las dos persionas que salen en una cita por primera vez?

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A puzzle I wrote in Panama. Can you figure it out?   1/9/2005

She's never here, when I come home. And I watch a movie, in the dark, Alone again. <br> I can't sleep, turn on the lights And I search for her, Midnight and she is not home, Alone again. <br> I need to find her now, When I am fresh and able To pounce on her now, But she is not home. <br> Sleep wins, and every night At three or four She ...

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8455 41 M
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Is Being Ourselves Enough On Our First Date!!!!   6/13/2007

It's always hard on that first date. Reason being is because a majority of the time, we don't really know our date. For instance, we get interduced to this person in some way, maybe online, maybe a mutual friend or maybe by just walking by each other. Numbers are some how exchanged and we both hesitate to call, for a million reasons, nows not the right time, or maybe to soon but we finally ...

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Cassanova76 39 M
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Dates   11/10/2006

Internet dating is like a box of chocolates, you never know what she will be like.

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papa_chubby 48 M
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I have a friend...   5/28/2006

Who was tricked into dating a girl site unseen. On her arrival instead of being an attractive young girl as he had been told, she was a middle aged "thick" girl who, within 10 minutes of arrival said, Lets go eat, im starving! Not only was she a big eater, but after they came back from eating, she finished off a 6 pack of bud light. After dinner! <br> This was all in the first 2 ...

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[COLOR sandybrown]Remember: 1) The purpose is to meet someone "new." Don't talk about you past relationships. 2) Enjoy yourself no matter what, life is short. HAVE FUN. 3) Be kind to him/her she came out to meet you and get to know you. 4) Treat them well. You never know why God put you together to meet (dating, friends, work, self-growth, who knows etc.) ...

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terryaki 63 M
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Gifts on the first date?   1/8/2012

I went out with this one woman, who expected an expensive gift on the first date. Some self proclaimed relationship experts say this is a bad idea. Some women seem to like the idea of a first date gift. Is is a good idea to bring a gift on the first date? If so, should it be an expensive one? Should the guy always pay for the date?

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jazzyallright 61 F
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T-Gal in Upstate, SC   12/26/2006

I am looking to meet interesting men and women. Email me for details. Fanny

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DomCouple010 48 F
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DO   12/26/2006

Make sure you have money to catch a ride home, and pay for the meal..if you had a person do u this way you would tell others to be ware!!!

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QuartsOnCourts 37 M
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First Date   5/8/2009

Spend a lot of money on the first date. Impress her with your ability to spend more than you have. That way, she'll know where you stand. My friend did this and it worked like a charm.

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QuartsOnCourts2 38 M
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Burgers   3/3/2009

Take her to get burgers on the first date. Put bacon on it so she knows that you're not afraid to spend.

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medicalman2000 51 M
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When to pay?   3/2/2009

Okay, I'm old fashioned! I need some help with when to pay for the date. Obviously the person who asks should pay, and I always pay for the first date. I will pay for the second date, and sometimes, a third. But when is it generally expected that the other party should offer to pay? I've come across this a few times and sometimes feel a little resentful if the other party is not offering by the ...

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10 DATING TIPS FOR MEN   3/26/2007

1) Don't talk about yourself all night. Show some interest in your date. Pay attention to whether you're monopolizing the conversation. 2) Don't look around at other women in the restaurant, bar or the street. 3) If you really like her, make time for the relationship in your life. 4) Find something you can compliment your date on, and give her a juicy compliment(and mean it). And change ...

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Denverhigh 79 M
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How do you choose who to date?   1/25/2011

Funny about dating. I never gave it a thought about whom I was dating, until Papa brought up inter-racial dating.
I always went out with girls, women or ladies that I thought I like or would have fun with.
I had never dated a Spanich/Mexican woman, until last Month, February.
I went out with two Hispanic women. No, not at the same time. It turned out that I didn't ...

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georges43 37 M
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listen   12/27/2006

listen so so well , for every things even so simple thing . honest and clear in saying how you feel

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snowonroof2006 74 M
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Sex early in a relatioonship   9/16/2006

Sex on the first date? <br> If you expect sex within a few dates, you aren't looking for a meaningful relationship; you're just looking for a "Quickie". Go down to the corner and pick up your local street slut, she'll get you off with no strings attached (usually after you pay her). Realize a "Quickie" with a hooker is probably going to be cheaper and definitely faster than taking ...

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TravelSpirit 56 M
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No difficult food - no movies!   1/8/2012

The problem with, for example, lobster or crab is you need to wear one of those bibs - and crack the shells open. Delicioso. Si! But messy and a bit awkward. Remember, it is your *first* date... you don't need lobster juice zapping her in her eye. Or, worse yet - a shell fish sliding completely off your plate and into her lap. Movies -- very popular, right? Claro que si. But - what happens? ...

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Tips For Men Trying To Impress First Dates!   6/28/2007

MEN, HERE IT IS! First dates can be exciting and scary. You have to be careful what you say and do, in order to make a great, lasting impression if that what your goal is. The following is a list of my personal experiences of first dates, which hopefully, can give some insight on what you should and shouldn't do on your first date with a woman! <P> 1. I shouldn't ...

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Tais_S 49 F
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After how many time?   6/16/2007

How you think about when is better to happen the first date? Soon after a few chats or is better to talk long long time before? I think that is better it to happen as soon as possible. And if there is a big distance between the both and is not possible they to meet soon - no need to continue.

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"KILL YOUR LUST"   6/13/2007

The do's and don'ts of a first date are fairly simple the only thing you need to watch out for is the big L word, "LUST"! This is the one thing that will make or break a lasting relationship.Well let's start off with the DO'S-above all else BE HONEST! Without honesty you can't have any relationship much less one that requires love. On the first date forget about being sexual, focus your attention ...

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A dominant woman on a first date   12/26/2006

She stands tall above him, feeling her stilletto dig deep into his flesh. She grins devishly as he moans in pain and discomfort, pulling ever so tightly on the rope tied upon his throat, anticipating the sound of him gasping for air. He is worthless to her, just another man for her to captivate, use and abuse at her will. Applying the upmost painful pleasure she can she scratches her heel ...

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papa_chubby 48 M
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One first date - Inter racial   5/28/2006

Many years ago when, people still had tape decks in their cars, i was seeing a korean girl. I went to pick her up, we were both still in high school. Her dad answered the door and looked at me like i was the man from mars, i'm latino. We stood with saucer eyes, looking at each others, till finally my girls sister arrived and pulled her dad from the door and ran interference till my girl ...

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lucky120 30 M
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its funny   10/11/2005

If u want the latest MERCEDES BENZ on easy installments of 10 yrs without any down payment.......log onto our website: www.kutteapniaukatmeinrah.com. • Unlike others your brain is a masterpiece. In the left half, nothing is right and in the right half, nothing is left. • Sometimes when u cry, no 1 sees ur tears. Sometimes when u r worried, no 1 sees ur pain. ...

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underyoux 55 M
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honesty   3/3/2009

Be always Honest and sincer

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Lordredlock 38 M
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estoy buscando mujeres en Columbus, Ohio (43205)   3/3/2009

Yo tengo trabajo, casa y un caro muy bein. Yo quiero un relacion con una mujer quien sabe respeto y gusta musica y bailar, y comer. Yo soy un hombre de respeto. No soy muy rico, pero yo trabojo. solo quiero ester feliz.

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beachboy002 49 M
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this is it   3/2/2009

i like to kiss first date but sometimes it does not happen

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fefeharlem 29 M
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i want us to feel comfortable   12/27/2006

well in first date i want me and my date to feel very comfortble wit each other dat how a first day would go real good

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