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¿Como lograr una cita con alguién con quien chateas?   12/11/2008

Hola, ahora que estamos en la etapa de las conexiones por internet, y en que casi todos o mas bien todos los chavos de ahora podemos accesar a los chats, es muy facil conocer gente que de otra manera sería muy dificil de conocer. <br> Casi todo mundo ha accesado a estos chats para conocer gente, yo en lo personal he conocido mucha gente y me ha pasado de todo ahi... desde conocer ...

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Un encuentro casual, un resultado inusual   2/23/2005

Las ciudades, esas moles urbanas que se tragan a sus habitantes, pueden ofrecer grandes posibilidades de encuentros para quienes están atentos a dejar a un lado la soledad que los acongoja. Por lo menos eso me sucedió a mí. Era una tarde de aquellas que nada ofrecen. Llovía insistentemente desde la mañana y yo cansado del no hacer nada, decidí salir a la calle a recorrer la ciudad ...

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no se que me pasa........   9/19/2006

Estoy desesperado, no se que hacer, quisiera salir y gritar pero no puedo, nadie me escucha, nadie me sabe dar un consejo, que hago, no se que hacer quisiera gritarlo a los cuatro vientos pero no puedo, QUE HACER, GRITAR, SALTAR, QUE NO SE QUE HACER, LA VIDA ES ASI Y NO LA E INVENTADO YO, SI USTEDES ME ESCUCHARAN SOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ... NO PUEDO DECIRLO ...

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Triste Amor.........   10/5/2010

<br> Bueno primeramente les mando un saludo a todos ustedes y espero que les guste mi historia. <br> Hace un buen tiempo atraz encontré a una persona por internet y pensé que ya este iba a ser mi principe soñado, ya que me había cautivado con sus dulces y lindas palabras. <br> El es también de mí país y siempre estabamos en contacto y no dejabamos de escribirnos ...

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Top Ten Worst places to go on a date   5/8/2009

10. The morgue 09. Home Depot 08. Boy band concerts 07. Parents house 06. Fishing/camping 05 Shooting Range 04. 12-step recovery meeting 03. Mud wrestling events 02. The strip club 01. The track

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lauricemonette 29 F
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Exclusive date is preferable for me   8/23/2007

Exclusive dating is better so you and your date will have privacy.loooing at the stars , walking hand in hand, cycling together............

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Is not easy but it isn't impossible   7/1/2006

When we first met a person atractive, we fall on the mistake to don't check backgrounds. Sometimes what it shows on the surface is not the reality. <br> I believe that confidence is very important, but there is no way that you can really know about that person unless: 1. you ask him what you want to know. 2. Verify with friends or any ...

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PappiTito 39 M
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The secret to smooth.   1/26/2011

I have found that on the majority of my past dates in which I have been my smoothest, before hand I had taken a half of a valum, with my doctor's permission of course. This is just enough to take the edge off and calm a few nerves. But, be careful not to drink in this situation or things can get sloppy. One problem though, if things were to go extremely well and one ends up getting a ...

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PELVAR2001 54 M
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How to fall in love with a conceited Woman by Internet   1/18/2011

The problem is that you are fall in love with a conceited woman that knew you by Internet. She is very conceited (she believes that everybody moving around she and she believe the best in all, the more beautiful, more intelligent one, etc.) <br> Probably you be one more than the pile of men that every day lovely words say her. When you see her, on Internet, you heart ...

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only for looks   5/21/2008

Looks are important to some and it helps to know who you are talking to but how about getting to know each other before posting a picture-you will be surprised on how many genuine profiles are out there!

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Angel4MrRite 43 F
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If you have poetry you write please add it   10/11/2007

Healing heartache <br> <br> In our lives people come and go, love is something only you will know. When the time is right you can tell, you'll do anything until your love fails. It's easier hating someone for mistakes the may make, Trying to forgive and forget day by day it will take. Picking up the pieces after the fall, Realizing its over after it all. The ...

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QuartsOnCourts2 38 M
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Kids   10/24/2007

If one wants children and the other party doesn't, do you leave or try to work things out? I mean, if you stay, you won't have children. What do you do then?

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Keep it simple   9/5/2007

I've always found that to begin with the first date should always be kept simple. A lunch or some coffee, keep it short and sweet. That way there is no pressure on extended time restraints. This is a good way to meet somebody and to decide if you like them well enough to go out again . Movies are out cause you can't talk there. If you do like them you can plan on further meetings that could ...

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papa_chubby 48 M
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Pertinent questions   3/10/2007

1. Left side or right side of bed? <br> 2. Breakfast or just coffee? <br> 3. Watch TV together or read books in silence? <br> 4. Housework is team or alternated? <br> 5. Spank kids or verbal conflict resolution? <br> 6. In-laws live in or never sleep-over? <br> 7. Excercise together or not at all? <br> 8. Boys night out, ok? ...

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nerja22 57 M
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women of colombia   4/29/2007

why are the women from colombia so special, and so much "BETTER" than the females from united states? Because they are not so fat, ugly, and viscious. The women from colombia are sweet, beautiful, lovely and what God had intended when he made the first woman. All the women from the usa dont add up to one fantastic colombianita.

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ange_dereve 48 M
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bar   12/2/2005

take a drink or pool swimming

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UrMelody2009 36 F
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DATING QUIZ   5/4/2009

Don't waste your time dating a dude who may turn out to be a dud. Instead, administer these minitests to your man to ferret out his true colors.

If single women could effortlessly clue in to single men's myriad character deficits, we guys would never succeed at getting a second date. So unfortunately for you, we've gotten pretty good at concealing our personality blemishes. But I'll let ...

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Dutch07 43 M
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How true are you about yourself?   11/19/2008

.. ok so we come online and then we need to 'sell ourselves'...

so we all have gorgeous bodies, beautiful eyes, great sense of humor, great careers and money in abundance...in fact;


Are we?

Why are we here and not currently snuggling up to (her) Brad Pitt (in his good days) or (him) Angelina Jolie ...

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fitzer25 34 M
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tell the person on the date   1/7/2007

1. do they have a constant job? 2. do they have children and how many? 3.do they depend on momma or daddy? 4.what they think about the future? 5.what type of relationship are they looking for?

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SirBri 52 M
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Woman inviting men on a first date.....   6/22/2007

How many women have invited a man on a first date, and had it work out well? What is the reason that you asked him? What is the reason that he thinks you asked him?

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QuartsOnCourts2 38 M
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yes   5/18/2007

If you know who Jenkins Mussina is, let me know.

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Funkentelechy76 30 M
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inappropriate for Amigos.com, or that may have been published elsewhere, please contact our abuse te   1/5/2007

inappropriate for Amigos.com, or that may have been published elsewhere, please contact our abuse team.
Help inappropriate for Amigos.com, or that may have been published elsewhere, please contact our abuse team.
Help inappropriate for Amigos.com, or that may have been published elsewhere, please contact our abuse team.
Help inappropriate for ...

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