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chandra472153411 29 F
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On ur first date   21/5/2012

On your first date choose public place like garden, park, cafteria. Come half an hour before from your dating time, dont ask so many question from ur partner, give ur partner response

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opie3020 33 M
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safety   18/9/2008

As a police officer i see a lot of young girls getting into bad situations by themselves without any one knowing about it. The first thing you need to do is find out what the agenda is for the evening. Let someone know where youll be and when you expect to be home. Also dont allow your date to divert you from these plans. That is how girls get taken advantage of or worse. Always stick to the ...

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beachboy002 48 M
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very important   28/2/2008

take note of the exits in case you wanna make a quick getaway you know in the the girl is not as good looking as she appeared in her photo (joking). but always use a condom!!

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Careful Outthere Gentleman   24/9/2007

I've never seen so many beautiful female woman in a dating forum as in Amigos. You look at these females and you wonder why some of them are looking for love or other relationships. I've run into some beautiful individuals here-and I've run into some bad ones. And that's what I want to talk about-the bad ones. Some of these females come with their own agenda. They come with the intentions of ...

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terryaki 61 M
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dating safety tips!   20/2/2007

Here are some dating safety tips, for the first data, that I have heard. Meet in a public place. Have someone call your cell phone, to check on you, at about an hour into your date. Before you meet, check out your date, by doing a back ground and credit check. Even this is not 100% safe, so take your time and be careful. What has worked well for you?

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chulitasur13 27 F
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dating safe   7/1/2007

well i have heard a lot of people go and meet people off the internet i think its cool but there is certain safety percussions that you have to take pls be safe and if you agree with this pls vote ...

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georges43 36 M
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silent   22/8/2006

dont not talking about your love while she ( or he ) silent do not forget any little things even little word

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SirBri 50 M
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Safety in numbers.....   5/8/2006

.... if possible, it seems a good idea to bring a date to a party where there are many people --- both men and women --- it seems to build a bond between you when you meet others. Be sure the party is a mixed party.

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SirBri 50 M
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Be careful....   5/8/2006

.... some folks are just out for your money. Some confuse money and love. Some are just out for love but need money. The bottomline is that .... money is the problem in most relationships (dating, marriage, parenting, or freindhships).
Be careful and trust your instincts, not your lusting nature.

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MrAlright 47 M
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The Nigerian Scam   23/7/2006

I'm not the "writer" type of person, but in this case, I feel that I need to write something to both vent my anger and to also protect someone else from falling into this trap. Have you noticed the increased activity coming from Nigeria?
I have received contact from women claiming to be from the USA and saying so in their profile. They seem like really nice people and very sweet ...

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GMan2002 46 M
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Safety First   21/7/2006

Safety First!
Arrange meetings in public places, eg restaurants, pubs, etc - not in your home.
Don't give your address until you are sure that you want to continue the relationship.
Trust your instincts and don't meet again if you have any doubts.
On your first meetings, it is best to make your own way to and from the venue. It is also better not to ...

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TechMan_1000 54 M
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Red Flags   12/7/2006

I have a co-worker that has been working with me the past two weeks. He has sevral bad habits. One is that he always tries to be so correct, it creates problems. Another he cannot let an issue go easily. When the boss gives us another job. He does not seem to understand that is the bosses right. She may have a reason to change priority. We do not have to questing her plans. At lunch he ...

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GMan2002 46 M
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Meeting Up for the First time   3/7/2006

Its now come to that time, you have been e-mailing, chatting online and exchanging photos and video clips for some time now. You are both getting eager to meet up in person and anticipate interacting on a one to one.
Even though you think you know the person, you don't really know them as an individual and it is wise to take a few basic precautions on the first ice breaker meeting ...

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QuartsOnCourts2 37 M
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Pepper spray   30/5/2006

Bring this on the first date. Use it if you have to, especially to fend the other party off.

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papa_chubby 46 M
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Dating Safety = )   24/2/2006

1. Wear a hard hat and work boots to the 1st date. <br> 2. Sniff all food and drinks suspiciously then ask your date to try it first, while watching with intent as they do. <br> 3. Slip in suttle hints that your dad works for the CIA and you have a tracking device surgically placed somewhere on your body. <br> 4. Jump back and assume a fighting stance and any ...

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kingskid07 37 M
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The Search...   11/2/2006

At some point in our lives, all of us have experienced a time where we have searched for love. For those in denial, it may have been manifested in different forms other than the obvious. For some it is best recognized as the search for significance, sense of belonging, or simply for what cannot be found. My purpose in writing this article is to build on the latter...what cannot be ...

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snowonroof2006 73 M
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Dating/general safety   7/2/2006

Dating/general safety <br> Add to this General Safety list these common sense dating safety rules: <br> Don't be afraid to say NO! If you're not comfortable with the way things are headed, run like hell. <br> When you are comfortable enough to meet for the first time. Meet in a busy (read, where there's a LOT of people) public place. <br> Get a picture ...

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raidi5 30 F
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Never change   22/11/2005

Well ladys and gentlemens, my realtionships were going good until I meet the nigthmare of my life. my ex-boyfriend. he tought me that life is more than tear and sadness, the showed my the world as it is. so now I'm taking this opportunity to tell you all guys that love is a pretty hard emotion which you make decitions over; meaning you are the only with the right to decise who you love and ...

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8455 40 M
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Woman Please Read It Will Save A Lot Of Heartache!   24/9/2005

I would like to talk about one very important safety, that must be remembered. When dating someone for the first time, you must be very careful. Many woman are genuine and want something more, than just a date. Men on the other hand are not usually looking for a relationship. There are some that are but it's not the norm. The biggest mistake of all time, is giving yourself away to soon, yes ...

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fredpd 39 M
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Fotos Alteradas   19/7/2005

La vida diaria que fecha la seguridad. Cuándo usted fecha en el internet, la marca segura que la chica tiene un retrato para amateurs. Tenga cuidado con los retratos de estudio que algunas chicas anuncian en sitios web personales. He encontrado a muchas chicas en el internet y en podría decir algo lo los era, pero yo realmente no podría estar seguro. El aerógrafo es constitución ...

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How d you make first move in email stage of dating   26/4/2005

I know it is scary on the dating scene in these modern times. One must be careful. What is it that scares so many away so quickly? I will get an email or a wink. If I respond too quickly, they never write back. Too slowly and they have moved on. What type of things does one talk about in the early Email stages. What is a person looking for so they will reply, and what scares them away?

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wannabetheone4u 43 F
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How to make sure you don't get stuck on a BAD Date!!   1/12/2004

Ladies and Gents, ever been on the blind date from hell and had no way out? Here is the answer you've been waiting for and a good safety tip. Once you set your plans for the first date, call your best friend and let them know WHO you are meeting. Give them as much information as you have on the person, site you met them on, screen name, email and phone number. Tell them WHERE and WHEN ...

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It could seem like stalking...   16/11/2004

Romance ain't what it used to be... <br> "It could seem like stalking", she said. I was relieved her tone was not deadly serious. Still, the fact that a gift and a card could even suggest such a horror says something about what has been lost since as a lovesick teenager, I left a red rose on an unsuspecting pillow. <br> It was a small bottle of Chardonnay and a stick of ...

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.....aunque creas que lo conoces ten cuidado   13/5/2002

sucede que entable una relacion por internet por un mes con un supuesto caballero profesional y luego nos conocimos y nos gustamos. Entablamos una relacion sexual despues de un mes de conocernos y todo parecia ir normalmente. Estubimos saliendo por 4 meses mas no todos los fines de semana, de vez en cuando el mencionaba que saldria con amigos o que tenia que trabajar, en fin, nunca ...

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Mi cita más especial   7/2/2002

Ya q esto va de citas superespeciales, pues yo voy a contar mi cita más especial. Todo empezó en una discoteca: pues lo típico, q te quedas sin respiración al ver al tío bueno de la esquina, y tú te haces la tonta como si no le hubieras visto, q si el chico también se fija en tí, y ahora se te acerca, se te presenta, te invita a bailar... y te roba el corazón. Pues aquello me ...

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vikemillenium 37 M
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Como enfrentar tu nueva relacion   7/12/2001

La vida continua a pesar de los malos ratos que a diario tenemos, pueden ser con personas en la calle, en casa con mama, papa o simplemente con nuestra pareja. Una vez que la situacion se agudiza deseamos terminar de una vez y por todas aquello que nos martiriza, es entonces que la cabeza nos quiere explotar y algunos apresurados decidimos en instantes, otros, un poco mas ecuanimes logramos ...

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Credo de un Ganador   9/5/2001

Si piensas que estás vencido, lo estas. Si piensas que no te atreves, no lo harás. Si piensas que te gustaría ganar, pero que no puedes, no lo lograrás. Si piensas que perderás, ya has perdido Porque en el mundo encontrarás que el éxito comienza con la voluntad del hombre. Todo está en la actitud mental. Porque muchas carreras se han perdido antes de haber corrido; y ...

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cediendo al deseo   20/4/2001

En las epocas de examenes siempre voy los fines de semana a la universidad a estudiar, y los ultimos dias voy muy temprano, a eso de las 7, y no salgo hasta tarde, a las 10 de la noche o asi. Un dia sali a las 10'30, y de camino hacia el tren vi alrededor de mi universidad 3 o 4 prostitutas, que empezaban su jornada. Habia 2 que estaban juntas que eran 2 monumentos una con el pelo largo ...

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segurtidad en la disco   14/4/2001


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DISFUNCIONES SEXUALES MASCULINAS <br> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br> 1. ¿QUÉ SON LAS DISFUNCIONES SEXUALES MASCULINAS? Son las alteraciones sexuales del varón que aparecen cuandolos factores orgánicos y/o psicológicos bloquean la relación sexual satisfactoria. <br> 2. ¿CUÁLES SON LAS DISFUNCIONES ...

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DISFUNCIONES SEXUALES FEMENINAS <br> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br> 1. ¿QUÉ SON LAS DISFUNCIONES SEXUALES FEMENINAS? Son las alteraciones que sufre la mujer, que hacen que lasrelaciones sexuales no sean satisfactorias. Las más importantes son: Anorgasmia, Vaginismo, Dispareunia y Anafrodisia <br> 2. ...

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jag-100 45 M
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como conseguir a la mujer que amas de verdad y hacerle saber que erés un hombre fiel.   19/3/2001


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Por ella daria mi vida.   19/3/2001

Hace poco mas de dos meses conoci a una chava en un baile la cual la verdad me atrajo muchisimo. La verdad me gustaba mucho razon por la cual decidi preguntarle si queria bailar y ella de una manera muy buena onda me dijo que si. Despues bailamos como 10 minutos y ella me dijo que ya se habia cansado, asi que nos fuimos a la mesa donde ella y sus amigas estaban sentadas. Despues llego ...

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La sexualidad humana es una manifestación natural y enriquecedora de todos en la relación con nosotros mismos y con los demás. <br> La sexualidad es cambiante y dinámica, de acuerdo al tiempo y la cultura en que se dan. No existe sexualidad correcta o perfecta; en realidad depende de la formación, costumbres y preferencias. Educar nuestra sexualidad nos va a permitir ...

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<br> cabe primero evitar confusiones: <br> A.-No confundir el amor con "hacer el amor". El amor en lapareja incluye el deseo de unión física, pero el deseo de unión física no necesariamente incluye el amor. <br> B.-No confundir el amor con la experiencia de estar enamorado. El enamoramiento comporta las siguientes características: a) Fascinación (encantado) ; ...

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como puedo acelerar un orgasmo   15/3/2001

Cómo puede una mujer acelerar su orgasmo <br> Algunos sexólogos aseguran que una de las maneras más eficaces para acelerar el orgasmo de una mujer es la de estimular el clítoris (parte exterior de la vagina) al mismo tiempo en el que se produce la penetración. <br> Para conseguirlo hay quien opta por que su pareja le estimule con la mano, aunque los expertos recomiendan ...

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Hacer el amor todos los días mejora la calidad de vida   15/3/2001

recomiendan hacer el amor a diario para poder tener una vida sana. Aunque hay quien piensa que una dosis diaria de sexo puede ser excesiva, no te engañes: hacerlo excita la libido y no es demasiado, ni muchísimo menos. Ni siquiera después de tres, ocho, veinte años de relación con tu pareja. <br> Hacer el amor con placer endurece los músculos de las piernas, gastas energía (y ...

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estimulos sexuales   15/3/2001

Aunque te pueda parecer que la mayoría de los hombres basa su excitación en cómo se estimulen sus genitales, lo cierto es que tiene más poder una mujer que conoce los secretos del lenguaje, aunque no sea una experta en manejar el órgano sexual masculino. <br> Es cierto que las mujeres se excitan más con las palabras que los hombres, pero hay que desterrar el tópico de la ...

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EL AMOR VACIO   14/3/2001

El Amor Vacío es el matrimonio concertado o los acuerdos via secciones de contactos donde ?hombre maduro de tantos años busca pareja de tales características..?.Aqui hay compromiso pero no existe ni pasión ni intimidad.En nuestra sociedad o es el inicio de una relacion de ?corazones solitarios ? o suele ser una posibilidad final de la evolución de una pareja en la que a veces se ...

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El Compañerismo Amoroso combina intimidad y compromiso sin pasión.Es la evolución habitual de las parejas en las que el discurrir del tiempo ha hecho disminuir o desaparecer la atracción física.La pasión se ve substituida entonces por sentimientos profundos de compromiso .A veces en estas parejas, (también en algunos de los otros tipos), se produce una búsqueda(clandestina) de la ...

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<br> <br> Charlaba hace tiempo con unas amigas acerca de ser penetradas por el ano, todas llegamos a la misma conclusión: "Es denigrante y sucio". Con el correr de los días y navegando en Internet, encontré algo de información al respecto y no parecía tan malo, es más, ahora puedo decirles que es fenomenal si aprendes a disfrutarlo. <br> Decidí compartir con los ...

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SEXO ANAL PARTE 2   14/3/2001

El sexo anal es muy placentero si se practica con técnicas de higiene y sanidad. No es bueno defecar para asegurarse de que el ano se encuentra limpio y apropiado. Algunas personas gustan de hacerse una lavativa, pero, usualmente, esto es más por estimulación sexual que por necesidad. Una ducha a conciencia es más que suficiente para garantizar la higiene. Si no conoces bien a tu ...

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SEXO ANAL PARTE 3   14/3/2001

PENETRANDO TU ANO <br> Primero, debes estar confortable con tu ano y tu recto.¿Estás familiarizada con estas regiones o emocionalmente rehuyes?, si te sientes mal acerca de tu ano, si crees que es sucio, primero debes cambiar tu punto de vista. <br> Explora tu ano y encuentra todo acerca de él. Tu recto NO es sucio. Puedes jugar con el sin sentirte mal. Llena la bañera ...

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SEXO ANAL PARTE 4   14/3/2001

EXPERIMENTAR ES EL CAMINO A MAYORES PLACERES <br> Ya te familiarizaste con la nueva parte de tu cuerpo, tuano, ahora puedes comenzar a experimentar con tu pareja. Debes elegir inteligentemente a tu compañero y buscar las mismas cualidades que querías la primera vez que hiciste el amor. Una pareja gentil, amable y comprensiva es muy importante en el principio, Explícale como te ...

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mi relacion con mi mejor amigo (gay)   13/3/2001

esto comenzo de la siginte manera yo soy una persona que me considero bisexual yo tengo varia amigos uno de ellos una vez en una reunion me presento a un amigo de le esa vez empezamos a platicar y paso despues de esa reunio el y yo nos volvimos muy bueno amigos salioamos y nos concimpos perfectamente todo esto yo sin decirle que yo era bisexual hasta una vez salimos varios amigos y ya como ...

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SABES SI TU PAREJA ES LA MAS NACA CUANDO...................?   13/3/2001

Cuando........... <br> 1. Usa crema Teatrical y carga la latita en su bolsa. <br> 2. Regala a sus amigos tamarindos cuando sale a la playa. <br> 3.- Le pone nombres a los coches de su casa. <br> 4. Le apodan la... "Beba", "Nena", "Babis", "Yayis". <br> 5. Usa calcetines que son como guantes (tienen espacio para los dedos). <br> 6. Se pone ...

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EL PRIMER AMOR   8/3/2001


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¿Cuántas personas se habrán quedado sin conocer a su media naranja debido a un exceso de timidez o vergüenza? Ligar está al alcance de cualquiera. Sólo es necesario aprender ciertos trucos -como no invadir su espacio, mirarla fijamente a los ojos y sonreír- para conquistar a la otra persona. <br> <br> Una mirada breve e intermitente de reconocimiento es imprescindible ...

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De Mujer a Mujer   30/12/2000

La conquista visual de mujer a mujer no dista mucho de la conquista en la que el hombre se trasviste para atraer a otro hombre, en donde queda expuesto un rol contrario a lo que la persona homosexual busca. Resulta agresiva la forma en que muchas mujeres buscan pareja femenina, ofreciendo fotografías de sus partes íntimas para atraer la atención sobre si mismas, como si no tuvieran otro ...

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no despreciar a los feos   17/12/2000

no despreciar a los feos ya que tambien tenemos sentimientos como todo el mundo y tenemos derecho a enamorarnos y a que se enamoren de nosotros cualquier chica que no se fije en el fisico exterior eso solo es fachada el que vale es el fisico interno que vea como es realmente la persona como persona GRACIAS...

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Desconfia   17/12/2000

Bueno este pequeño artículo que aparece aqui tiene como objetivo prevenir a todos los cybernautas que quieren conocer a alguien por internet, pero que a veces están deseperados y no miran ciertas cosas. <br> Está demostrado que la comida entra por los ojos, que quiere decir esto, que antes de ponerse una cita con alguien estén seguro de que han visto a este alguien al menos en ...

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La Noche caé sobre mi   11/12/2000

Hola a todos! Esta es una historia de algo que me ocurrio hace poco. Soyun joven de 21 años , un poco bohemio, de un fisico normal(como la mayoria de vosotros). Todo empezó un sábado por la noche. Estabamos varios amigos en casa de uno de ellos y salimos a la verja de la casa para refrescarnos y respirar un mejor aire..ejemm y poder hablar un poco más duro...y pues de las cosas de ...

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Triangulo Amoroso   28/11/2000

Siempre que una persona quiere conseguir una cita lo importante es nunca olvidar que las persona con las que sale siempre tiene que estar en citas separadas sino nunca podra disfrutar la bentaja de conocer muchas personas que te llevara a un amor verdaddero. <br>

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por fin creo estoy en el camino   26/11/2000

soy una persona amable generosa alegre pero esto no basta para lograr encontrar a alguien para compartir los momentos queda esta vida hasta ahora no lo he logrado pero sigo en el intento. conoci a alguien que por fin se fija en mi interior y no por lo fisico ya que por los hechos que vi hasta el momento la gente que es carilinda de lo demas poco no es mi intencion molestar a nadie.

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Fiesta doble   23/11/2000

Oh, sí, se acercan las fiestas decembrinas y no tengo con quien pasarlas, no solamente nos preocupamos por tener a alguien en estas fechas, sino que también en la mayoría de ellas (san Valentín, tu cumpleaños, fiestas patrias etc.), nos dedicamos frenéticamente a buscar por cualquier medio a nuestra (o) acompañante, y en ocasiones esta búsqueda nos lleva a relacionarnos con ...

0 Comments, 13 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score makes it easy!   16/10/2000

It is true that one of the major concerns nowadays is safety in dating as in any aspect of our daily life, but more so when it comes to meeting someone that we have come in contact "online", yes we have exchanged information, we have talked (hopefully) for some time now... Some people decide to meet after chatting once, how much can we find out about a person in a few minutes that we spend ...

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Chatroom dating do's and don'ts!   29/8/2000

When giving out my geographical location, I try to limit myself to a region only, rather than the exact name of the town, province or neighborhood. If you live in a large city, giving that information out is okay, if you're in a rural area, it's better to stick with regional information. NEVER, EVER give out your phone number! It may seem remedial to say this, but people can be strange. You ...

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Internet Dating Tips and Advice   17/6/2000

Online dating can lead to off-line friendship, love and even marriage. Exchanging written correspondence, is a great way to build loving, trusting relationships. However, you could expose yourself to the risk of physical harm if you proceed without caution. You wouldn't give a stranger on the street your name, address and telephone number...don't do it on-line! Protect yourself with the ...

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Don't Let Fear Be Your Primary Concern.   21/5/2000

Dating Safety is an imortant topic; however, the authors of these articles do not sound like they are interested you getting together with your chat friend. Please, when you follow their advice, don't make it obvious to your potential partner. If you have someone checking up on you, don't stay on you cell phone too long. A simple word that tells your check mate that you are fine is good enough ...

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Staying in love   9/5/2000

To stay in love all you need to do is be supportive and spend time with your mate. Set times for just the two of you where you will not answer the door or phone. Always be honest and sincere that is the main key to being happy. Resolve all disagreements right away do not let it go on and progress into something ugly. I tell you these things because I have been that person who did not do those ...

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BEWARE!!!!!!   7/5/2000

Ladies when dating someone that you don't know very well it can be scary. Don't put yourself in that situation. When wanting to date a guy it is good to talk on the phone or computer with him for a while. I recommend the phone so you can hear his tone of voice and gain that comforting feeling that you can trust a guy. Old fashioned has always worked so don't be afraid to be a little old ...

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I think least not yet!   24/4/2000

As far as online relationships, why is that a lot of guys ask for and honestly expect us women to give them our phone numbers after just a few mailings?? I mean, it's one thing to meet a guy at some public place (bar, concert, sporting event, etc), spend some time talking to him and having some idea of what kind of person you're dealing with, and THEN giving him your number when he asks, ...

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<br> When you are meeting someone for a date, be it through the net, or a club or even through someone you know, It is important to do a few things before the date. First of all, It would be a good idea to get as much information about the other person as you can, such as name telephone number, address, and such stuff, and tell a friend. Make sure you know a bit about that person, ...

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Abuse in Relationships   2/4/2000

How can you possibly say that you love someone if you're abusing him/her? Think about what you want say or do before you do it. If you're on the receiving end of abuse, realize that if your mate abuses you once, he/she will do it again. And what does that mean? He/she doesn't really love you!! Also what does that mean? It's time to end the relationship!! The one who loves you won't ...

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First date rules   1/4/2000

It happened so that I live in Russia now, the place where anything can happen. The date can bring you a new exciting relationship, or even a sad end, even if you're a man. Well, I learnt to be picky Here are my rules. They cover safety, and common sense. I will say "she" but the same applies to ladies dating gentlemen. <br> 1) Try to first make yourself understand what you expect ...

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Would you like to wear a condom or would you like a sharp stick in the eye?   27/3/2000

Joe Chauvinist says: <br> I can't wear one of those things. I don't like the way it feels. <br> Ask him: Well, how do you like being by yourself? <br> If a man won't wear a condom, ask yourself, how much doeshe really care about me? <br> Certain men are larger than others and need a larger condomso their organ doesn't go to sleep. <br> Try ...

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Dating Safely over the Internet   26/3/2000

Meeting someone from the Internet can be an exciting experience. For myself, I've met people from all over the continent whom I'd never have met otherwise. <br> However, there are some steps to take to protect yourself. <br> 1. Do your _research_! <br> Look up ther person in various telephone and campus directories. This helps to determine where they live and if ...

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Two major Rules to follow   24/3/2000

There are two major rules when meeting someone from the internet persoanls. first you should talk to them for a while on the net. And listen to what they say.1. IF they are not consitent in the way that they type, I mean language they usually use or the sentence structure. I would and have stop talking to them. 2. If they are persistent to meet it is a warning sign. so don't meet them.If ...

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Trust your Instincts   23/3/2000

That's the basic thing - Trust your instincts. Think about how you feel about the person. <br> Is she considerate of your feelings? How does he react during and after a fight? Does he resort to personal attacks? How do they react to your friends? There's a lot more thinks to watch out for and I might make a list, but I'm just saying to look at the little things about a ...

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In my opinion. . . .   23/3/2000

I have had friends who have been and I think it is one of the most horrific things that could happen to a person. It has the potential to create emotional scars in someone's life that can take years to heal - if ever! And, what is truly sad, so often the person was through no fault of their own. However, in my opinion there are things that someone can do to help lessen their ...

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, AnD cOnFuSeD WiTh nO OnE bUt mYsElF kNoWiNg!!!!!!   17/3/2000

It all started 9 months ago, I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for 1 year. Like every relationship, we had problems. My boyfriend was my first and only, and for that I demanded honesty, loyalty, and faithfulness. But for some reason he was playing me with this girl he worked with. Also, she new we were together but like a trick she didn't care. I was heartbroken, but wanted us to ...

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A friend inthe back ground first internet date   27/2/2000

What I found that made me a little more comfortable was having a friend in the background. If your going out on your first internet date.........please check this person out there name and find out if they have a record. Bring a buddy along to set in the background. If you make a plan prior to the date (what to do if things go very wrong) one another can give a signal or ...

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Always try to bring a phone   9/2/2000

One thing that is important for a first date, always bring a cellular phone (if you own one) or try to borrow even a friends. there will always be a nut out there somewhere, this is disturbing yes i agree myself. but it is always good to be safer than sorry later on. movie theatres usually have phones in them somewhere, and so do shopping malls. if you feel bad about the person when you ...

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beware of the big bad wolf   21/1/2000

The majority of us are normal caring people who for whatever reason find it difficult to find a suitable match within the scope of their daily life. We are trusting because we are trustable and that makes us trustworthy. However, we should not assume that every single person who advertises him/herself as such in this virtual enviroment, or in the real one for that matter, is actually the ...

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people from clubs   4/1/2000

a few months ago, I was at a club and I noticed a girl staring at me. I went over and started a conversation with her. After the club shut down, I went to breakfast with her. I had taken a cab to the club so she gave me a ride after breakfast. She wanted to give me her phone number and although I didn't want it, I took it anyways. I didn't call her for a couple days, I usually wait 4 ...

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The essential guide to girls   2/12/1999

This isn't an article. I'm just sad and lonely. Look me up on the search thingy. I'm kidding but look me up anyway. I'm zebady err....thats it really....remember what you've learnt today. Heed my call..zebady..zeb..ze.zzzz...

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The tall, dark stranger   28/11/1999

Women often tell me that they have met the most mysterious and interesting man that they have ever met when searching for a mate, but what they don't understand is that they should not let there guard down because he seems nice, don't be fooled by the little things. Where I am now (South Africa) the rate is beyond imagination because of this. Oh he seems nice enough to give a peck on the ...

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Don't work on First Impressions   16/11/1999

When it comes to first impressions of people.. All I have to say on the matter is be very careful... whether it is dating off the internet.. or meeting someone at a night club... it is easy for someone to get attached to someone online who seems so charming, funny,honest, and everything else that another person would want in a partner... but trust me speaking from experience... you have to play ...

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Play it safe yet fun!   24/9/1999

If you meet a boy/girl on the net what is wrong with developing a relationship of any kind? People say "But it's not safe. They could be some weirdo who's on holiday from a institute" But don't we run risks all are lives? If we go into a bar don't we run the risk of being attacked, etc? Why is the net any different? I think it's safer. There is no physical contact until you meet up and if ...

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Public Only!   16/9/1999

Word to the wise on first dates: Always choose a public place for your first date. It's safer and can often ease first date jitters.

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The do's and dont's of dating   14/9/1999

Hey all you readers out there, here are some good tips for teens from a teen. First of all, if theres a special someone you like(like the hottie in chorus or homeroom) make sure that you know some vitals about them before deciding to ask them out: 1. name... sometimes a cool nickname isn't enough. If you don't know there name, find out. (sure calling someone snake or spike if that's their ...

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Get Away! Dating at Clubs.   5/9/1999

Hi, I am Andrew. I am a club kid. I go out I dance, I meet tons of people and I go home, by myself. Now before you think I am loser allow me to state this. I go home alone for a reason. Safety. A person who you meet in the club is not necessarily the type of person you want to go home with. Some of the people you may meet are nice, granted, but some are there to use you for a place to ...

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How to have fun on that first date with a stranger ,and not end up in a alley.   18/6/1999

We sometimes come to that situation when we get invited on a date with a complete stranger. We think they look like a nice(guy,gal),but even the nicest looking people can be mean. We got to take in account that not everyboby is as nice as we want them to be. You got to remember that crowded places are usually the safest places. Try to go somewhere where there are a lot of people like: the ...

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should you go out with someone your best friend fancies?   19/5/1999

This is a question lots of people ask. Personal experience has shown me that you shouldn't. I wanted to go out with this bloke but me and my best friend both wanted him. Anyway to cut a long story short, she ended up seeing him and not me. Surprising to say I am glad she did because now I only see him as an idiot. I can't believe she actually went out with him I thought she had more ...

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Don't Say What You Don't Mean!!!   17/4/1999

"I love you." Is this just a figure of speech or is it the truth. Please know that it is the truth before you say it or otherwise it'll turn real bad. I just had a break up. The only reason is because the three innocent words, "I love you." She tried taking the relationship to the next level,(sex) but i didn't want it. Then i had to break up with her to get away from any temptation of having ...

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Long Distance Relationships   2/4/1999

Many people, in fact, most of the people reading this article right now, have some sort of long distance relationship, whether it is just friendly relations or serious boyfriend/girlfriend type situations. No matter what the case is, you have to remember to keep it safe! It sure feels good to have someone you can talk to. Someone understanding, compassionate, and attentive. Thankfully, through ...

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Date    28/3/1999

Date is a big problem nowadays. Most people don’t really think about getting on a date, but it occurs more than you think. Don’t be afraid and never date again, there are some good ways to possibly prevent these things from happening. One way is to double date. By double dating you reduce the risk of being because you are not alone. But it can still be ...

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Tips for taking Online romance into the Real World   25/3/1999

Ok, So you have finally met the right one online and are ready to meet. What do you do, and how do you do it? Although it is extremely rare, there are nutcases out there who have bad intentions. By following a few easy guidelines you can make your evening a safe one even if it turns out to be a short one. First thing to do is make sure you have a picture of Mr./Ms. Right before meeting them. ...

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WEll first when you find someone over the web that you really like talk to them i try to find as much as possible about that person such as what they look like, how old they are and so on. But the thing of it is how do you know it they are telling you the truth about these things the ? is you don't also how do you know if the person is a rapest or killer you don't so my advice to you is don't ...

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the safest & easiest way to break up.   20/3/1999

the safest and easiest way to break up would be to wait and tell the person you love that you need the most time to yourself and compromise what exactly what you will say to them.this advice sounds terrible,but beleive me, it works.

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Be Smart About Your Safety   15/3/1999

It isn't hard to be smart about one's safety when dating. In this day and age, one never knows what may happen when they are out even in the most familiar surroundings. First and foremost, when meeting someone that you have been cybering with on the internet, I would suggest that one NEVER meet each other alone. Set the meeting up in a public place, and bring a friend with you. ...

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Stay alert on the first date(and I'll give you a good example why)   27/2/1999

In 1997 I was a college student living in the dorm. On my way back from the trash chute, I met a man. He was well-dressed, very articulate, and what I thought at the time, mannerable. He was a CEO of a small local company. So as to not have me be leary of him, he offered me HIS phone number and asked me if I would agree to be his date for a party of a friend of his in Malibu. After a ...

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Even after months danger can loom.   19/2/1999

This is a very shortened version of a very terrible story that is quite real. So real in fact that there are people considering making it a TV movie. I recently dated a girl for a period of several months and we had been building a wonderful relationship. She had always insisted on flying to meet me at first and did not want to tell her mother about us, she lived with her mother. ...

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Women you don't want to get hurt in a relationship right? Well here you go.   18/2/1999

These days women are getting sick and tired of being hurt in a relationship. Well being a guy I have decided to write this article to help them out. I will tell you ladies in 10 easy steps on how to pick a man that wont hurt you in the long run. So pay attention. 1. Do not pick the hottest guy you see, he will just leave you for another. 2. If you want a hot looking guy make sure he truly ...

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Do's and dont's for dating on the web....   13/2/1999

Well to tell everyone the truth I haven't met many people from the internet in person, but my experiences have been unique! So I have a few sugestions or words of caution for when you mee a person from the net fr the first time. #1. Don't give out your home address unless you have talked to the person a couple of times on the phone, or have met them in person at least once. My experience on ...

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always be yourself on your first date   11/2/1999

always be yourself on your first date. on my first date i wanted to impress him ever so badly. i went for shopping and bought a tight outfit . which really was`nt me . if i wanted to be myself i would have worn a good pair of jeans and a nice body top. so, i got ready for my date and went, i was right there on time and ten minutes later he came. when he saw me he said " oh my god, i never knew ...

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Staying in the Right, While Staying Out of Trouble   9/2/1999

Yes, I know what you must be thinking, "Not another stupid article about 'Dating Safety'." And in a sense, you would be correct. This isn't just 'ANOTHER' article dealing with the aforementioned topic; this happens to be 'MY' article that deals with 'Dating Safety.' I'm not going to bore you with numbers and statistics, nor will I bore you with advice that you've probably already heard a ...

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Do's and Don't's for dates   7/2/1999

1, Never give him your phone number till after you get to know him. 2, NO SEX 3, Never on to a place where you know that you will be alone on your frist date 4. Have fun

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You’ve finally someone that you like over the net. He was very nice at the bar, and now he’s driving you home. After you get in his car, you drive away. He takes you somewhere that you’ve never been…a secluded place. He drags you out into a bunch of trees, and forces you on the ground. You scream and scream but no one hears your cries. He laughs and continues with his ...

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Essential information on identifying Date Drugs   30/1/1999

The makers of the drug have taken certain steps to prevent its misuse: -it has been coloured blue -it will fizz on contact with a liquid -it will float at the top of a drink for about 20 minutes after having been placed in the liquid. Police evidence surrounding the use of 'date drugs' is extremely limited. Forensic evidence of many drugs are often difficult to obtain, as traces of ...

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Who do you really know?   28/1/1999

So you met someone over the internet, perhaps over a macthmaker site or a dating one. What do you do? The first thing that you should do before meeting someone in a private place is send email back and forth to each other and find out what this person is really all about this is the key. Alright once you've figured this person out then you can consider meeting them! A good place to meet is a mall ...

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Five Ways to Avoid    25/1/1999

5 Ways on How to Avoid in Certain Situations This day and age women are afraid of one thing alone, . Well here is some advice on how to avoid it. 1. The guy you are dating invites you to his dorm room or apartment. This could me a trick to get you in to his dorm room or apartment for something worse. If you just met decline the offer by saying you need to get home because you ...

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Just because he's cute doesn't mean he's safe   20/1/1999

In this age of singlehood, safe sex and cyber dating, the most important thing for a woman to remember is to keep herself safe. Okay, you've taken Tae Kwon Do, self defense and Kung Fu. Big deal. Your most important safety tool is your head. If you use your head, you are less likely to end up in situations where you have to defend yourself. For instance, this past weekend, I was on a ...

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Condoms, who really wants the Hastle   20/1/1999

Hey I know there for safety but who really wants to use them??? Hey, I know that I've saved myself a lot of trouble by using them. The only problem I still have with them is caring them. You arnt supposed to carry them in your wallet. But I know now if I didnt use them I'd be a father by now. So they are good to have it will save you a lot of problems!!! Gotta fly, pleace.

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If you are new to meeting people on line, there are some do's and on't you should follow. Do ask questions of the other person. Lots of them. And do it before you meet them in person. Here are some suggested questions to ask to help you make your choices wisely. Remember, dating can be fun, but expensive in terms of travel, food and entertainment, so finding potential roadblocks beforehand ...

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Loving the Internet Love   18/1/1999

We’ve all heard of cyber-couples; people meeting on the Net and then getting hitched. It all seems like a fairytale romance. You know each other, meet, fall in love and live happily everafter. The rush of adrenaline when you receive and read your lover’s emails, the sporty good looks as shown in his/her scanned picture, the words of endearment that lines each message that comes ...

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Make your move!!   8/1/1999

It all starts on the dance floor When you hit the clubs on week ends you have to admit, There is only one thing on your mind... Picking up!! I used to find it very hard to meet girls at night clubs, that was until I fully discovered “the dance floor”. The moment you step onto the dance floor you are in a totally different world, where you can allow the rhythm to take ...

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What are you doing with that meat cleaver? AHHH!HELP!!!!!   8/1/1999

When you have first met a person there are certain things you should do and then there are certain things you should never do. I think that you should never give your "partner" your address. You should always meet him or her at the mall, or the movies, or wherever you have decided. This way, if you decide you don't like that person, you don't have to worry about them stalking you for the rest of ...

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Love on the Net   4/1/1999

We’ve all heard of cyber-couples; people meeting on the Net and then getting hitched. It all seems like a fairytale romance. You know each other, meet, fall in love and live happily everafter. The rush of adrenaline when you receive and read your lover’s emails, the sporty good looks as shown in his/her scanned picture, the words of endearment that lines each message that comes ...

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tips on better Dating   26/12/1998

You see this georgeous woman sitting at the table next to you. Your heart pumps, your pulse quickens. You quickly think of what to say to her. You try to get up and walk over, but for some reason an invisible force holds you back. You try to move your legs. They're as heavy as lead. She gets up and walks away; leaving you. Perhaps forever. You want to kick yourself. In a vain attempt to correct ...

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Be Prepared For Anything   12/12/1998

The first time I went out on a date I was real supprised at all the pressure that I was put through. On your first or any new date (going out w/some one) you should let someone know a few thing about him/her. Try to get to know the person that you are going to go out with first. Especially let you parents know; where you are going, what you are going to be doing, and a set time to be ...

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Simple ways to stay safe during blind or first dates   8/12/1998

Hi, i work in the security industry and have some easy and effective ways that can help anyone out. If your meeting the person for the first time first decide on a neutral place to meet that has people around and isnt in a dark area. Dont drink alcohol on the first date at all in my opinion and watch your food and drinks if your date is serving them to you, the date drug is still out ...

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Primal Instinct   3/12/1998

I remember a date I had with a guy name Dan. I met my usual crew at the usual for us, and everyone was already there, including new guys Luca and Dan. My friends introduced us. Luca showed he was already cool by chilling with the crowd listening to music and gossiping about the "enemy" or our rival soccer team. Dan was too quiet and once I figured that unless I wanted to get into the cat fight ...

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Precautions for Dating Safety   2/12/1998

Dear Readers Dating is one of the main things in life, which one has to do if you want to enjoy life and have experience before marriage. But, there are certain steps in which one has to be careful eg. Sex, behavious etc. You come to know a lot of things of the other person if you are planning for a long lasting relationship. So, be careful and be happy with a happy dating with ...

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Work and Romance Don't Mix   27/11/1998

I found this tip on AOL. It is funny AND it is TRUE. Don't be sending all your e-mails from work. Everyone in the computer department upstairs can read your mail. And they do. And they tell everyone else. (Trust me. I've seen it happen. Do you want to know about the affair the woman three doors down the hall from me is having? I can tell you all the details.) And please don't print up ...

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How to get climax on first date   23/11/1998

Folks first date is the time when we have to be careful about. everything depends how you handel the first date. It can be the most memorable moment of your life of rwhich you should take all measures.The first time two people meet they have some picture of the other in mind. What you have to do is display a very confident try to understand what the other person is looking for. The ...

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2 tips for meeting someone from online.   17/11/1998

1. ALWAYS meet in a public place for the first few meetings... You wouldn't go to the home of someone you just met in a bar either. Treat this the same way. 2. Don't be quit so trusting. Over the net anything can be said about themselves. Are they really what they say they are? If it sounds too good to be true, it just may be. 3. If possible take your own car or a cab the frist time or so. ...

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how to be Safe dating.   15/11/1998

First, abusolutely you know whose to date. Don't forget to bring condum. But you must secretly observe his/her behaveour.and you must plan where place you gonna go which plaace that your familliar incase of trouble you know where you gonna run or hide. you must ask him the history of his/her life, what his/her past experience after that you have reference of what person he/she is. after talking ...

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Internet Dating safety   4/11/1998

For all of you who meet your date off the net. You need to tell a trusted adult where you are at or bring your friend with you. Do not let the person know your phone number or where you live at. I learned the hard way. When I was a freshman in college I met this guy over the net. We e-mailed and chatted over the net for 6 months I thought he was a sweetheart, until I met him by myself I ...

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Lookout! Girls aren't made of "everything" nice . . .   31/10/1998

"No, I'll never hurt you . . ." Just because lots of women hear this doesn't mean that lots of men don't. When you start a relationship, you must realize that a girlfriend is not automatic happiness. If you're not careful, you may even end up worse off than when you were single! Many men, feeling superior to women to begin with, rarely take time to consider the possibility of a ...

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When dating, guys should always...   25/10/1998

1. carry protection 2. If you're a guy, be polite and dress neatly 3.Guys should pay for the meal 4 Guys should be polite. 5. Take the girl to a nice Restaurant 6.Never break a date, even for a night out with "The Guys" 7.Not talk about anything gross. 8. Never asks them if they wanna "gool around" 9.Always act yourself. 10.Make conversation such as, her family, hger, you, your family. ...

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Safety First-- the Do's and Don'ts of dating   19/10/1998

Have you ever been out with someone that you dont trust? Do you ever feel uncomfortable with your dates? There are several things that you can do to ensure your safety on a date. First give the name of your date to a friend his is so that if you don't arrive home and you havn't called someone knows the name of the person that you are with. Also make sure that you carry cab fare and ...

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Safety and Privacy   14/10/1998

Some people feel that once they turn 18 (and even some younger than that) they don't need to tell anyone what they are doing. While you do have a right to your privacy, it shouldn't be at the expense of your safety. Your privacy isn't important if you are in danger. It doesn't matter if it is a business meeting, a first day, or a 100th date. I recently heard the story of a young women that ...

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Dr. Jeckell or Mr. Hyde?   14/10/1998

Many violent relationships do not start out that way. Many abusers are among the most romantic at first. One pattern of abuse is that he starts making harsh statements or continuouslly goes back on what he said. He may be very gentle and say that if you try something, but don't like it you don't have to do it again. A month later he is insisting that you do it or putting you down for not ...

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Playing it safe   13/10/1998

Be as nice as you possible can and do you best to make a good first impression. Dress the best you possible can do as shower and smell nice. if you go out to eat dont eat like a pig. If you go to the movies dont be annoying and laugh during the sad points in the movie. Just be yourself thats why they went out with you in the first place.

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The Fish Will Always Be in the Sea   3/10/1998

Dating. It has plagued mankind (including women for the politically correct) for centuries, and to tell you the truth, it will continue to for even more centuries! From pulling a girl's pony tail to dating games, from secret admirer letters to blind dates. The opposites attract. Yet, no one person or group of people can master dating. Not even I (said the wise old man)! Yet, don't lose hope ...

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Dating on the net..   1/10/1998

Well where can I start? I first got connected on the net sometime in 1997, and I starting chatting in a site called "The Park". At the time I was 18, and I started chatting with people in the 20's room, and met a guy called Chuckles who happened to live in Sydney.. We started talking and I found out that he went to the same primary school in Sydney (I was living in Queensland at the time), and ...

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The first week with your date!!   23/9/1998

When you first meet your date everything might go well.. FOr the first week everything might go well.. But after that you may figure out that it is not doing so good.. Let me first start by saying this.. On your first date always talk about yourself.. Not ex boyfriends or girlfriends.. Always talk about good things and always be interested in what they want to say or what they like.. After ...

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safety first   22/9/1998

Hi my name is Jennifer and I am going to talk to you about Dating satfely. If this is your first date with someone make sure you know a lot about the person before u got out with them by yourself. You really have to watch out for the thing called Date these days. You also have to watch out for the Date drug. If you are going out to a place that you will be getting a drink of some ...

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How to Spot The One's That Just Want Sex   19/9/1998

Here is how you spot the one's who just want nothing more than sex on the first date. 1. They will take you anywhere you want to go. 2. They will try to get you to drink more than you normally would. 3. They say nice things and make promises that will never come true. 4. They will want to put their arm around you or hold your hand wherever you go. 5. They will be saying everything you ...

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Defending Yourself if You Are Attacked..   16/9/1998

Hello Everyone, Today we are going to be talking about how you can improve your chances of survival if you are ever attacked by your Date or a complete stranger. What you are going to read is pretty gruesome on some parts but just keep in mind that if anything happens to you Your Life will be over and your Family will be Suffering over your Loss.. Here are a few tips to remember in if ...

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Sex   19/8/1998

Hi my name is Joe123 and I am writing an article about sex. Recently my friend who is 17 thought he was responsible enough to make his own decision. He was wrong. He decided to have sex and he said that it is the biggest mistake of his life. He now has a son that he and his girlfriend are responsible. His parents and his girlfriends parents decided not to help them because it was ...

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Thinking Security in meeting for the first time   10/8/1998

When you think that you have found that person that you have been looking for all your life in a personal ad..think again. Look I'm not saying that it is not possible, but there are alot of risk's in meeting people in this form. Once you've decided to meet this person,Think about where you want it to be. Make it a very public place like a coffee shop or something like that. Dont carry ...

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Sexuality Standards, Sexual Attitudes and Sexual Behavior   10/8/1998

In recent years a major public health effort has been directed at slowing the rise of teen pregnancy and halting the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases. The appearance of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) on the sexual scene has added new urgency to these programs since there is currently no vaccine or cure. Behavioral ...

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Long distance relationships   10/8/1998

Long distance relationships on the net Long distance relationships are both wonderfully intense because of the feelings that you share and terribly intense because of the need to actually touch and hold each other. As you may know, Jim & Betty met on-line, though they were only 7 hours away from each other. They were friends for around a year, and then when the time was right for both ...

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Hay! What's in YOUR mind THIS time...   28/7/1998

Well what are you thinking about the comming date with your beloved. Don't go like this. Okay! now you people know each other well enough that you are leaving precautions. Don't you ever do this, and don't you think about this. Let me tell you what ... come here and sit beside me. First go and check your face. Face is most importent thing in your looks, so wash it as good as you can and ...

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The Drive Home   27/7/1998

The Drive Home. This happened a few years ago, i was only a young boy 14 to be exact. It was my first date ever. She was 16 and just got her licence and was kind of a crazy driver. First of all we had a nice supper and a fancy restourant then went to see a movie. We got out at about 11:00-11:20 and proceeded to get in the car. I turned the music up very loud in her car and we started to try ...

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Meeting People in Las Vegas   25/7/1998

Ever been to the City of Lights? How'd you do? No, not on the tables- in the 'meeting new friends' game? Having gone to Vegas twice a year for the last 10, I can tell you that the city and the tourists are among the friendliest in the United States. Whether you're going back, visiting for the first time or are just looking for a great vacation getaway, here are a few suggestions: 1) ...

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Dating Online Safety Precautions   25/7/1998

Many people everyday meet and chat online. Meeting and chatting with people is cool, but you always have to be careful of what is to come next. I have done an extensive study on dating online, the safety and precautions that should be taken. While doing research on this topic, not only did I come across the precautions, but stories that show what people did while having a cyber-relationship, ...

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Ready to meet that special person you've gotten to know through Friend Finders? Read this first!   16/7/1998

Well, you've heard all about what he likes, and doesn't. You know he has brown hair, and blue eyes. You think he may very well be "The One" for you. Now it's time to meet your mystery man in person. Will he stack up? Will you be attracted to him? Are looks really not important? You will soon find out. First of all you need to agree to meet in a safe place. Meet at a ...

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Never Sorry - Always Safe   7/7/1998

As most women could tell you, personal safety is an issue which requires a lot of attention and forethought. Dating can be fun, exciting and interesting, but let's face it: It takes time to get to really know someone to the extent that you can feel safe and secure in their company. I followed some very basic rules of thumb when I was in the dating scene that I think are good advice for women ...

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Smart Date- Before you go, let them know!   5/7/1998

Hello people, and welcome to the 90's where dating is about as scary as it gets. In a world where over 600,000 women are each year and every day we hear on the news that another woman has been abducted, what can we do to keep ourselves safe? There are millions of things we have to consider, but one thing that can help is Smart Date. Smart date is a web service that ...

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Letting others know your whereabouts..   24/6/1998

The more morbid our society gets the more emphasis should be taken to protect ones self..Find out before hand where you will be going and the time you will be back home.. Once you have this information,then tell a friend/parent and have them call you at the appointed time to make sure you made it home safely.Secondly, write down on a piece of paper the description of the vehicle you will be going ...

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DATING   20/6/1998


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My Friend Did The Wrong Thing and Now I'd Like to Warn You!   31/5/1998

It was just a few months ago, my friend started computer dating. She would talk to people in our town and then go out to meet them, I was usually with her, and I'm always on the look-out for dangerous people (I don't pick friends quickly) Well one day she forgot to call me and she was going to go out to meet soem guy she met out of a chat room, It was the last time she ever go ton the ...

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Dating Adventures!   29/5/1998

Dating can be a fun adventure ... and all adventures require important safety precautions. After all, would you climb a steep precifice without your ropes, your climbing gear, and a buddy alongside you for protection? Internet dating can be especially hazardous - others are not often what they seem to be. It is known as "hiding behind the screen" and anyone can be fooled - even the most ...

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Be carefull....   25/5/1998

It is not like you have to be scared of the internet like whatis always on tv. But it is always wise to meet for the first time in an open area. Some good places would be: A coffee shop A reasturant An amusment park There are also the veryssafe ways to meet for the first time.. make the date o wear you have some one there to support you. Like the movies.. you might ask a friend to goto the ...

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A little advice about safety from a GUY !!   19/5/1998

I always get worried about first dates myself. That is why I always treat the date as if I was visting a hostile country say Iraq, for example. I look at the situation, and determine its "threat assessment." Like would someone come to my aid should I need help? Because I had a bad date. Her car broke down in a rural area. And we both didn't know if anyone would stop to assist us. ...

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untitled   19/5/1998

I have a pro-active advice about "telling a friend about your date" I tell my friend to call the police if he doesn't hear from me before say 9 pm. This way, I have to call my friend that tell him it's alright. But if he suspects something amiss, he'll call the police anyways. And he has all the information about the evening. The name of my date, where we plan to be, and last known time ...

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dating safety in the new dating world   17/5/1998

DATING SAFETY We live in a time where most peoples are worried about personal safety even when we are dating so i was thinking of a small list of things to do about dating safety so here it is 1. when you go out to eat one thing to remember that must know a little about the past of some one you dating so if you can then if someone set you up on a date is to ask ...

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keep safe   11/5/1998

When you first go on a date with a guyyou don't really know him well. We all go with some strange people, so to be safe it's best to tell someone were your going. Arrange a place you know and tell a friend. It's also a good idea to give them a general idea of when you will be back. Do,nt agree to go somewhere far away from where you know and make sure you take plenty of cash to get back. Go ...

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He only asked me to ....   9/5/1998

Dating can be a fun adventure ... and all adventures require important safety precautions. After all, would you climb a steep precifice without your ropes, your climbing gear, and a buddy alongside you for protection? Internet dating can be especially hazardous - others are not often what they seem to be. It is known as "hiding behind the screen" and anyone can be fooled - even the most ...

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Campus life   30/4/1998

This is an article for all of you Senior girls who will be going to college in the fall. It comes to you from a peer. This week at my college is Sexual Violence awareness week. I feel that people need to get the word out to all of you graduating seniors..sexual violence can touch anyone. I'm living proof of that. A little over a month ago I was at a movie night at a friends house. No not a ...

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Who do you think you wannabe?   28/4/1998

Everyone reads the terms and conditions for e-mail and other on-line services - usually there is something there about not "misrepresenting yourself" - everyone obey that rule -right!! The reality is that almost everyone breaks this rule or a similar one all the time, even if only to protect their true identity from others who do the same but for more sinister reasons. We all know that the web ...

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The truth of STD's   27/4/1998

In the world today manny teens are exparmenting with Drugs, and Sex. Do you do this when you go on a date? If you do you should really think twice. If you have ever heard of STD's such as Herpes, HIV/AID's. Well if you know anything about AID's you do know it is deadly. But why? Well AID's basicly is when you have no imune system and your body cant fight off the common cold. Such things like ...

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Meeting someone for the first time (from an ad listing)   26/4/1998

First, I should point out that if you think you like someone from their email, you should have a few phone conversations before you actually arrange an in-person meeting. Making sure the other person has a real phone number where you can call them is important, even if they give you a work number. This is one of the few things you can and should do to check the other person out. A work number ...

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Looking Over Your Shoulder? Safety tips on dating in the 90's   6/4/1998

Imagine yourself one night sitting at home waiting for your date. Thinking of what he might look like. You ponder making sure that you look your best. When he finally arrives, he is carring a rose in one hand and the other hand is tucked in his pocket. You think to yourself, "Damn, this guy is hot!" What you don't know is that this guy has sexually assualted several girls that just ...

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first date   6/4/1998

Everyone who goes on first dates (blind dates) should make sure you let people know where you are going and what time you are coming back, and try to go to places where there are alot of people around and remember to meet your date at the place your going that way he/she dosen't know where you live and you don't have to travel in the same car together it's better to be safe then sorry

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Dating Survival of the 90's   5/4/1998

Dating in the 90's is quite different than the dating of the past. The clean wholesome fun of yesteryear is much more difficult to find. As our Country becomes more and more overcrowded, with fewer and fewer morals being passes on, dating can be quite dangerous. This is especially true for young single women. You can't just "take a quys word" to be true no matter what he says. Just to let you ...

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If You Want To Know, You Have To Ask!   3/4/1998

By now we've all heard the standard dating safety points: talk a lot first, meet in a public place, drive yourself to the meeting place or bring friends to keep a discreet eye on you, don't give out the address of your home or work place, etc. So I'm going to talk about safety of the heart. "But he never said he was married!" my friend wailed. Rule Number One: if you want to know, you have to ...

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Safe Sex or Trust?   23/3/1998

I know you deserve it But it would take guts If I introduced My knee to your n*ts You could've protected Your perilous plug But you probably planned To pass me The Bug.

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what you should say if this happens:   23/3/1998

If you are going on a date some where alone with your boy friend or date, make sure you aren't forced into doing anything you don't want to do. A guy can't make you do anything you don't want to do, if you give in something serious could happen. so take charge and say no when it needs to be said don't panic and let them take advantage of the situation, go for it say what you need to say (no.or ...

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Do I...or don't I?   22/3/1998

Well Ladies, It's the 90's and the electronic age is here. No more being hawked in the bars or ganged up on by the wolves! We can sit back in our sweat pants and surf until our heart's content. But what on earth are we looking for? There is only one reason you're here. If you've made it this far I congratulate you. It's not easy admitting to yourself that the days get pretty lonly at times. ...

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Play it safe on the dating scene   21/3/1998

In this day and age dating has changed drastically from years past. Now we have video dating, computer dating ( such as friendfinder0 azillion print personals, and a host of other non traditional meeting methods for ppl searching for love. We also have more cases of violence and even on dates in the present. The latter does not have to be true. Where as there is not really a 100% method ...

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The dangers of computer friendships   19/3/1998

Computer dating has opened up a huge oppurtunity to meet new friends but it has also opened up an oppurtunity to put yourself in danger. There are many types of people involved in these dating programs and you must always be careful, because you do not know who you are dealing with. You may feel that you know the person real well but in reality you don't know them at all. Be real cautious ...

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Stay In Public Places on First Dates   17/3/1998

Awesome!!! The guy/girl you had a crush on for the past 5 years finally asked you out for a date. Unless it is someone whom you know fairly well, it is a good idea to make the first few dates in public places such as a restaurant or movie theater. Avoid going to isolated places such as parties on old logging roads or private beaches or lakes. Until you are sure that you can trust your date, it ...

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Remamber to show respect to your date and your self on the first dates!   16/3/1998

There are feelings invoved when two personalities dates for the first time/times. Show respect for your own feelings and intuition and for yor dating partner. If it´s only sex your after, tell it. Don´t lett someone go and talk about her/him self if you are not interested in ther persons. You must always show respect for athers, you win on it. Learn to now the person carefully before having ...

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Meeting New People & Taking Care of Yourself   10/3/1998

Meeting people is hard enough without having to worry about your personal safty. Meeting people from the internet is very intreging and I have done it myself. There are a few pointers that I like to keep in mind as well as information I past on to friends who want to meet there internet connections. Good Points to Remember: 1. Always have your first meeting in a public place. 2. find a place ...

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CRIES IN SCILENCE I think that it is very important that I tell you my story. Read on and you will find out why! It was the summer of 96' when I met the perfect guy. Atleast that is what I thought. I was spending the summer with my father. I was having a great time. I had a friend that would be staying with me for 2 months out of the ...

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your first date is the chance to express your feeling....   3/3/1998

I'm not that smart looking, that girls will love me at the first sight but I could screw the girl I like. You wanna know my secret, its very simple; I regard first date is the most important meeting. You should use that time very preciously without talking unrelated topic to your feelings towards her. Dating place is equally important. You have to date at the places where there is romantic ...

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How to Satisfy a Man/Woman Every time   28/2/1998

How To Satisfy A Man Or Woman Every Time How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time: Caress, praise, pamper, relish, savor, massage, make plans, fix, empathize, serenade, compliment, support, feed, tantalize, bathe, humor, placate, stimulate, jiffylube, stroke, console, purr, hug, coddle, excite, pacify, protect, phone, correspond, anticipate, nuzzle, smooch, toast, minister to, forgive, ...

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A Lunch Date Is The Safest Date   25/2/1998

Finally the day that you and your new friend have awaited for so long arrives..It is to be your first date..In fact probaly the first time you have even set eyes on each other..I suggest that you meet for lunch in a lace that is more on the busy side than one that is far out of the way. This way you will feel more comfortable and safe..Another thing good abut a lunch date is that if for some ...

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meeting is safety in numbers   22/2/1998

well i think that you sould always meet in a public place .in this day and age who can you trust . i had a friend once who meet someone off the ads the guy that he was a nice persons .so my friend talk to him on the phone and there talk for about two weeks .so my friend wanting to meet this guy .so he ask him if he would meet him at a local food court well the did not want to meet in public he ...

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Dating 101   17/2/1998

Many teenage these days love to date that is a fact that all of you will agree with me on, but how many of you date safely. Well I am willing to bet that you have no Idea what I mean by dating safly. Well then let me explain. When to people are dating they usually what to be alone. Which is ok sometimes, but it can also be dangerous in the sense that one of you might get in a situation that ...

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Stay Public!   15/2/1998

I've learned through experience that its best to meet any blind dates in a very public area. It adds a feeling of security to both parties and gives ample opportunities to escape the encounter if you decide that the guy/girl is not your type or is freaking you out. Also, let a friend know your going to be meeting someone. Tell them the time and place and roughly when you'll be back. If ...

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Facts of Sexual Assault   14/2/1998

In our society violence against women occurs with shocking frequency. Sexual assault is any unwanted act of a sexual nature imposed by one person upon another, it ranges from unwanted touching or fondling to forced kissing and forced intercourse. Sexual assault is a crime of violence, used to control and dominate through sex. Women of all races, classes, ages and physical types may face ...

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Protect Yourself   14/2/1998

Self-defense courses, such as Wen-do, can make you better prepared to protect yourself during sexual assault. However, victims often freeze, so even women who know self-defense can be sexually assaulted. Avoid short cuts through isolated, or poorly lit areas. Walk with friends or other pedestrians to public transit or parking lots. Have your keys to your car or your home ...

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Myths and Facts of Sexual Assault   14/2/1998

I recently learned some of these facts from a great female friend of mine whom had been assaulted twice without my even knowing...: Myth:Sexual assault is a crime of uncontrollable sexual passion or urge. Fact:Sexual assault is an act of violence and aggression. It is motivated by the need to control and dominate another human being. Myth: can be easily identified by their ...

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Undestanding how to set boundaries in your dating life   13/2/1998

Everyone before they go out on a day needs to set boundaries. You need to ask yourself, "How far will I go? How far do I want to go? Could I handle sex right now or am not read for it?" The answers to these questions differ from person to person. My general advise in not to have sex with someone before you are ready. The way that you tell how ready you are to ask these questions,"How long ...

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Watch Some of these guys out there!!!!   31/1/1998

OK I find that you really should not just meet some on person from the computer with out talking on the phone first. Things that they can say or act can tell you if they would be safe meeting in person. Never meet in a private place. Also no mattter how much you have talked with the lady or guy leave a friend all the information that you can i.e. there phone number, name and possibly where ...

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MORE THAN FIFTY WAYS TO GET RID OF BLIND DATES (and other social catastrophes)   30/1/1998

<P> 1. At dinner, guard your plate with fork and steak knife, so as to give the impression that you'll stab anyone, including the waiter, who reaches for it. 2. Collect the salt shakers from all of the tables in the restaurant, and balance them in a tower on your table. 3. Wipe your nose on your date's sleeve. Twice. 4. Make funny faces at other ...

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The Condom   30/1/1998

A young man goes into a drug store to buy condoms. The pharmacist says the condoms come in packs of 3, 9 or 12 and asks which the young man wants. "Well," he said, "I've been seeing this girl for a while and she's really hot. I want the condoms because I think tonight's "the" night. We're having dinner with her parents, and then we're going out. And I've got a feeling I'm gonna get lucky ...

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staying a virgin   26/1/1998

Don't get upon sonuntil you are sure you really love them. they might not like you as much as you like them. I would recomend not having sex until you are married because this is what God tells us in the bible.

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dating safety   8/1/1998

<P> You can never be postitive about somebody's background, motives, or future behavior. With that in mind, if you are going to date, it must be on side of caution. Never meet somebody if you are afraid. When you decide to meet someone, be carefull. Meet in a public place. at a time when many people are present. Never meet at you home. Try to avoid hikes or drives in remote areas for the ...

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Who Aren't You?   6/1/1998

Finding that special some one can really be a time consuming and frustrating undertaking. Online services, such as Friend Finder, can really help speed up the process. But how do you find out if the person your E-mailing is really who they say they are? Well follow along, and see if this helps. If you are serious about a relationship or friendship first off, find an add which sounds ...

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Safety In Numbers   4/1/1998

So you have met that special someone on the Web. He may sound like Mr. Right, or she may sound like the girl of your dreams but there is more to a person than what they type in their email. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure not everybody on the Internet is are sick, perverted psychos. However, some precautions must be taken upon meeting your cyber friend in oerson. Number one, never give away ...

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