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.....aunque creas que lo conoces ten cuidado   8/30/2006

sucede que entable una relacion por internet por un mes con un supuesto caballero profesional y luego nos conocimos y nos gustamos. Entablamos una relacion sexual despues de un mes de conocernos y todo parecia ir normalmente. Estubimos saliendo por 4 meses mas no todos los fines de semana, de vez en cuando el mencionaba que saldria con amigos o que tenia que trabajar, en fin, nunca ...

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EL PRIMER AMOR   8/21/2008


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, AnD cOnFuSeD WiTh nO OnE bUt mYsElF kNoWiNg!!!!!!   4/19/2005

It all started 9 months ago, I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for 1 year. Like every relationship, we had problems. My boyfriend was my first and only, and for that I demanded honesty, loyalty, and faithfulness. But for some reason he was playing me with this girl he worked with. Also, she new we were together but like a trick she didn't care. I was heartbroken, but wanted us to ...

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wannabetheone4u 44 F
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How to make sure you don't get stuck on a BAD Date!!   2/22/2006

Ladies and Gents, ever been on the blind date from hell and had no way out? Here is the answer you've been waiting for and a good safety tip. Once you set your plans for the first date, call your best friend and let them know WHO you are meeting. Give them as much information as you have on the person, site you met them on, screen name, email and phone number. Tell them WHERE and WHEN ...

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MrAlright 47 M
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The Nigerian Scam   9/24/2007

I'm not the "writer" type of person, but in this case, I feel that I need to write something to both vent my anger and to also protect someone else from falling into this trap. Have you noticed the increased activity coming from Nigeria?
I have received contact from women claiming to be from the USA and saying so in their profile. They seem like really nice people and very sweet ...

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It could seem like stalking...   6/26/2006

Romance ain't what it used to be... <br> "It could seem like stalking", she said. I was relieved her tone was not deadly serious. Still, the fact that a gift and a card could even suggest such a horror says something about what has been lost since as a lovesick teenager, I left a red rose on an unsuspecting pillow. <br> It was a small bottle of Chardonnay and a stick of ...

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papa_chubby 48 M
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Dating Safety = )   5/8/2006

1. Wear a hard hat and work boots to the 1st date. <br> 2. Sniff all food and drinks suspiciously then ask your date to try it first, while watching with intent as they do. <br> 3. Slip in suttle hints that your dad works for the CIA and you have a tracking device surgically placed somewhere on your body. <br> 4. Jump back and assume a fighting stance and any ...

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8455 41 M
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Woman Please Read It Will Save A Lot Of Heartache!   6/26/2006

I would like to talk about one very important safety, that must be remembered. When dating someone for the first time, you must be very careful. Many woman are genuine and want something more, than just a date. Men on the other hand are not usually looking for a relationship. There are some that are but it's not the norm. The biggest mistake of all time, is giving yourself away to soon, yes ...

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raidi5 32 F
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Never change   2/23/2006

Well ladys and gentlemens, my realtionships were going good until I meet the nigthmare of my life. my ex-boyfriend. he tought me that life is more than tear and sadness, the showed my the world as it is. so now I'm taking this opportunity to tell you all guys that love is a pretty hard emotion which you make decitions over; meaning you are the only with the right to decise who you love and ...

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How d you make first move in email stage of dating   6/26/2006

I know it is scary on the dating scene in these modern times. One must be careful. What is it that scares so many away so quickly? I will get an email or a wink. If I respond too quickly, they never write back. Too slowly and they have moved on. What type of things does one talk about in the early Email stages. What is a person looking for so they will reply, and what scares them away?

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TechMan_1000 55 M
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Red Flags   11/13/2006

I have a co-worker that has been working with me the past two weeks. He has sevral bad habits. One is that he always tries to be so correct, it creates problems. Another he cannot let an issue go easily. When the boss gives us another job. He does not seem to understand that is the bosses right. She may have a reason to change priority. We do not have to questing her plans. At lunch he ...

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QuartsOnCourts2 38 M
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Pepper spray   8/9/2006

Bring this on the first date. Use it if you have to, especially to fend the other party off.

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GMan2002 46 M
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Meeting Up for the First time   8/9/2006

Its now come to that time, you have been e-mailing, chatting online and exchanging photos and video clips for some time now. You are both getting eager to meet up in person and anticipate interacting on a one to one.
Even though you think you know the person, you don't really know them as an individual and it is wise to take a few basic precautions on the first ice breaker meeting ...

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GMan2002 46 M
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Safety First   8/5/2006

Safety First!
Arrange meetings in public places, eg restaurants, pubs, etc - not in your home.
Don't give your address until you are sure that you want to continue the relationship.
Trust your instincts and don't meet again if you have any doubts.
On your first meetings, it is best to make your own way to and from the venue. It is also better not to ...

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SirBri 52 M
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Safety in numbers.....   1/1/2007

.... if possible, it seems a good idea to bring a date to a party where there are many people --- both men and women --- it seems to build a bond between you when you meet others. Be sure the party is a mixed party.

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kingskid07 38 M
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The Search...   3/6/2006

At some point in our lives, all of us have experienced a time where we have searched for love. For those in denial, it may have been manifested in different forms other than the obvious. For some it is best recognized as the search for significance, sense of belonging, or simply for what cannot be found. My purpose in writing this article is to build on the latter...what cannot be ...

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terryaki 63 M
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dating safety tips!   1/8/2012

Here are some dating safety tips, for the first data, that I have heard. Meet in a public place. Have someone call your cell phone, to check on you, at about an hour into your date. Before you meet, check out your date, by doing a back ground and credit check. Even this is not 100% safe, so take your time and be careful. What has worked well for you?

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snowonroof2006 74 M
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Dating/general safety   6/26/2006

Dating/general safety <br> Add to this General Safety list these common sense dating safety rules: <br> Don't be afraid to say NO! If you're not comfortable with the way things are headed, run like hell. <br> When you are comfortable enough to meet for the first time. Meet in a busy (read, where there's a LOT of people) public place. <br> Get a picture ...

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opie3020 35 M
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safety   1/25/2011

As a police officer i see a lot of young girls getting into bad situations by themselves without any one knowing about it. The first thing you need to do is find out what the agenda is for the evening. Let someone know where youll be and when you expect to be home. Also dont allow your date to divert you from these plans. That is how girls get taken advantage of or worse. Always stick to the ...

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