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sassy41 53 F
3  Articles
Has Anyone Seen My Heart?   5/16/2006

Has anyone seen my heart? I gave it away. I was ready for a brand new start Seems like only yesterday. <br> I'd hate to think you loosed it Tell me did you even use it . I keep hoping it will be returned someday but you keep walking away. <br> I know now you never needed me it took awhile for me to see. But someday you'll be all alone and old and you'll ...

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Like a rose   1/20/2005

A relationship is like a rose, How long it lasts, no one knows; Love can erase an awful past, Love can be yours, you'll see at last; To feel that love, it makes you sigh, To have it leave, you'd rather die; You hope you've found that special rose, 'Cause you love and care for the one you chose

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Shimshon2009 60 F
3  Articles
Forgetting   1/4/2009

Some times we forget, some times this is a good thing. My thoughts on what it means to forget...how it can indeed be a good thing and forgetting is beneficial to "all ages"...not just those of us in our prime!


As the years pass us by, this one thing I ask of You L-rd, Not just for me but all others who shall walk this path. L-rd, if in this aging process, we begin to ...

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JimJimJimmy 45 M
1  Article
I Love You Constantly   3/1/2007

I love you constantly, I love you completely, I love you suddenly, I love you incredibly
Wholly, I love thee, I am you, and you are me, When we have a baby, that makes three, Love, kindness and happiness, you'll see
Look to the future now, We will work everything out somehow, Let's not live in the past, And our love will go on, and always last

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MichaelLewis 43 M
56  Articles
Like I Never Said Yes   2/23/2006

I said yes to your number And yes to you dating me Yes we can be together But you gotta wait for me <br> The first time I say no It's like I never said yes <br> I said yes we can be together Yes you can stay with me But when I say no not tonight You acting so ungratefully <br> The first time I say no It's like I never said yes <br> You was ...

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cCaribeanjewel 59 F
18  Articles

You tell me not to feel so sad, But then i go and cry. You tell me, "keep your chin up" But I feel like I could die. <br> The worst day of my life Was when I made that choice. I need to feel you hold me, I need to hear your voice. <br> Can you hear me softly calling? Can you taste my sour tears? Do you know how much I love you? Do you know my biggest ...

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Oogha 38 M
13  Articles
So tell me now   10/28/2006

All my life I've been searching for an answer to a qeustion i don't even know Could even be a reason to live Just someone to spend my life with
So tell me now how can I be bold in the face of adversity When I can't even conquer myself How can I be blinded by ambition And still have a clear vision How can I know why I'm here When I've forgotten who I am
Where is ...

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Littlebitofi 50 F
1  Article
Rain   5/31/2006

My awe-inspiring power was evident as goose bumps ran down her shivering limbs while she stood on the pavement underneath the balcony watching me drop from the darkened sky, and maliciously soak all those who dare to be in my showground. You see, I am the one in control.
Depending on the temperament of my mood when I show myself I can be a relatively insignificant mist barely ...

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SanJuanSinTi 57 M
3  Articles
The Moon, Her, You, and I   1/30/2007

I have always been fascinated with the moon. Just think about it, it is so far away yet sometimes I feel I can touch her with my hand. It brings me hope for many things, I wish on her just like if she was a falling star. Her beauty makes me dream, a journey that is sometimes very strong that it stays forever in my thoughts. I can only say that I feel her deep within my soul, and my ...

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EzComfirts 53 M
5  Articles
Just one Look   4/14/2005

" Just one look " <br> Just one look, into your beautiful eyes, and now I am enchanted. <br> ~ Just one smile, from those precious lips, gave life to the passion inside. <br> ~ Just one word, spoken to my heart, My soul your voice has captured. <br> ~ Just one caress, upon my face, and forever am I yours. <br> ~ Just one vision of your ...

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C-O-M-O-?   9/4/2007

Si, como? como decirte que te amo, si tan lejos de ti esta mi mano? como decirte que por ti siento, si tu imagen solo flota en el silencio...? y Como decirle a tus oidos que por ti muero, si a mis palabras éstos estan muertos...?
Como? como voy hacer para hacer llegar hacia ti este grande sentimiento, que le dio por florecer, aún ...

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9  Articles
The fear of flying   10/8/2008

In the flash of my mind. suddenly you came around. Lighting with your eyes, The most beautifull night. There was nothing to say. There was not pride. There was no one else to tell us, it was just a flash of a fly. You were there next to me, completly nude off your feet, asking, wispering, very close to me in my ears, wondering how to fly. You were like a feast insecure, wild creature willing to ...

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My Missing Good-Bye   10/3/2006

Missing Good-Bye
The sorrow that I have is great It is a black ball that envelopes me And inside a waterfall of emotions bud Then in a flash the emotions erupt
They burst forth like a wave of sorrow and grief The tears roll off my face and hit the ground Soon a lake surrounds me Full of sorrow and memories Then confusion replaces the sorrow and grief
Why, ...

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MichaelLewis 43 M
56  Articles
Spanish Eyes   4/26/2006

I know for sure his heart is here with me Though I wish him back, I know he cannot see My hands trembling I know he hears me sing <br> I light this candle and watch it grow Tears on my pillow <br> And if there is a Christ He'll come tonight To pray for Spanish eyes <br> And if I have nothing left to show Tears on my pillow What kind of life ...

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Special People   4/26/2005

There are people that touch our lives in a "magic" way that we wish they would always stay <br> So special people God put in our way and we will never found out why? <br> We keep asking ourselves Why this special person is gone? Just God can give us answer for what He has done <br> I will keep my eyes wide open since now on, because I ...

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dream522 30 F
1  Article
The Circle Of Life   4/25/2007

Fear not tha which is now, Fear not that which is to come. Life, dead, and being are as one, It is a circle.There is no beginning and no end. For that which is the beginningis the beginning of the othe. And that whichis the end is the beginning of the other. Surelythe lesson of life are the wisdom of death. Those that live in knoledgeof what the circle truly is have peace ...

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No excuses   3/12/2005

The lies, the drama. The moments of endless silence change at light speed too fast I never meant those things too fast live life but live to learn, and trust the warmth we share And the moments we bare to eachother the truth stings, yet refreshes our bonds in the most perverse way because we really care, we trust we love we damn ourselves for the torture the evidence ...

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The Scent of You   3/31/2007

We just finished speaking; it's time to go and each of us turns his way, but quickly looks back, still walking away from each other, arms outstretched reaching for one another, fingers kissing a last good-bye as the tips caressed a good-bye, not wanting to lose the touch....breath held, eyes glistening, body yearning, soul screaming, "don't go."
Blinking back a tear, but a hairs ...

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Life Is A Journey   1/3/2009

I was just reading one of "Lostinspain's" postings and this poem flowed out in response - so I am posting it separately for your viewing.
Life Is A Journey
Life is but a pilgrim's progress In which you and I try to do our very best; It promises are that we have life today, It says nothing about tomorrow or what will come our way. So if you and I should happen to meet As we walk in ...

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I bare no comments today...   3/27/2013

Strange earth, below me, is my guest today.. Pale sky upon me, I bare no comments today... Cool breeze surrounds me, can not move me away.. Heavy rain from the dark sky can not wash my pain away.. Shiny sun through the clods, will bright another day... But not my gloomy world away.. For I got my soul betray..........

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HE   10/14/2006

He shadows every step I take; He is in every breath I make; He fills me up as none can do; He is the Life of me and you.
He cares for me even though I cannot see. He loves me and all that I am; He accomplishes His Word in every mortal man.

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2 Love A Woman   6/28/2005

2 Love a Woman Like you is to know there will always be someone whose strength I can lean on, whose honesty I can trust. It means knowing there will always be someone whose sense of humor can lighten a care, whose advice can put everything in perspective. It means knowing there is one special someone whose arms I can wrap up in when the rest of the world doesn't understand, someone whose ...

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dreamstate   7/3/2007

my state is so cold my heart has almost frozen i dream of a state where i am recognized and chosen.where my eyes are my I.d and my touch is my access code.where i am me because i want 2 be, not because i have 2 be.i dream of a state where there is no governor, no polititians, just real people who listen.they may even smoke a little green or hunch 2 much but they are honest, like me.who ...

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cCaribeanjewel 59 F
18  Articles
FROM ABOVE   3/15/2005

When I look at you The outside you're strong and tough On the inside, you're filled With sweet and tender love You remind me of an angel, sent from up above. <br> You're alway there When Im filled with pain and fear Showing me how much you care You remind me of an angel, sent from up above. <br> When I met you I was scared because it seemed right ...

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papa_chubby 48 M
29  Articles
stuff   6/28/2007

Denver writes and Denver scribbles Chubby types and often giggles
Creativity takes flight without regard for copyright
And still not clear if theres a victor Chubby's poems measured in Richtor scales and coffin nails and other dark and lovely metaphores its 1 am! I need a score!
In in the end the winner is!? Amigos of course, and always will be

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A mi principe   5/29/2006

Hold on.
Sit down.
Here I go.

I warned you, sit down....

Mi dearest prince:
You rock my world
You changed my life
You take my breath away
I am so happy when I am with you
You make me feel like a whole new person
I live to hear your voice

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Michael0912 58 M
2  Articles

Now that the decisions are done and have been made. And the relationship is forever over and done. We'll now walk alone with our memories into the shade. No longer planning our forever's on into the setting sun.

Once our love was bright like a new born and beautiful star. Full of brilliance all could see and blessed from above. Then you could always trust that I'd never ever be far. Now ...

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MichaelLewis 43 M
56  Articles
You   3/20/2009

Here I am in your face Telling truths and not your old lies <br> Seems to me that you care And I know that you’re runnin’ out of time <br> See ya can’t get away I’ll be here forever and again Whisperin’ in your ear Do believe ’cause you know you cannot win <br> Spent most your life pretending not to be ...

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PELVAR2001 55 M
2098  Articles
The Stranger   4/23/2006

I never saw her face, Merely breathed the air she stirred. It was as if she alone was the one breath I was missing. And me, blind to my own suffocation. <br> <br> No, I never saw her face, Never heard her voice, But all at once my lungs, my head, my soul, Came alive with the scent of a stranger. <br> <br> I never saw her face, Yet ...

1 Comments, 87 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
I'm Sorry   10/8/2008

As time gos by I didn't realize I waited too long to say the words I hurt you with my words and actions I allow the small things to come between us I hope it's not too late for me to say-how much to mean to me So I just want to take the time to say-I'm Sorry.

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Can Love Be Bought?   11/25/2006

Love ‒ can it be bought? I think not! And yet, after I paid the price to set you free From man’s prison, these words you spoke, “Now I know you love me.”
If because I paid money to set you free Means that I must love thee, Then besides you, many husbands have I, For to set any man free, this I would not deny!
Love ‒ when you ...

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PELVAR2001 55 M
2098  Articles
I miss you.   9/16/2006

I miss your warm eyes, the way you listen and care. I miss your kisses and all that we share. <br> I miss you. <br> I miss the touch of your hand, so reassuring and sincere, and the moments we spend together, that I hold dear. <br> I miss you. <br> I miss all of the caring things you do, and spending the evening alone with ...

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MichaelLewis 43 M
56  Articles
All My Life   1/7/2006

I've been waiting For someone to Come into my life Who would bring me joy And give me pleasure <br> I have taken chances On romances Once or twice And I found that in my heart It's you I treasure <br> You and only you Can make me feel the way I do You and only you Can make it better <br> You and only you Can do the freaky things you ...

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swaraj1985 35 M
7  Articles
Lovely Day   2/27/2006

when i thought of u its cloudy When i see u its rainy when i kiss u its spring when i miss u its hoter but it is true it is in my dream not in true.

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lildulce 46 F
3  Articles
my poem   6/2/2005

i dont sleep to well, sometimes i think its because i think to much, so i write alot especially at night. <br> En Desvelo <br> Sabes lo que es sentir cansancio emocional? El no poder ni entender frases simples por que estas muy mal? <br> Noches sin dormir ni dos horas corridas Porque tu propia mente quiere hacer que te pierdas? <br> Despiertas ...

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UrMelody2009 37 F
10  Articles
MAD LOVE   2/1/2009

M. Goldenberg

If I can't get away from you What am I gonna do? 'Cause you hit me just like a dream Where there's no in between 'Cause I just fall forever Fall forever in your eyes

"Cause it's a mad, mad love Mad, mad love Mad, mad love Can't help falling now Falling into mad love

Well you're shorting out all my pride Like fireworks exploding inside You're just something ...

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Good bye   1/2/2005

I don’t want to say goodbye Will never get used to losing you I have nothing more to say The silence will say it for me I will keep my pain to myself Despite loving you I’m letting you go.

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sexyblitz 35 M
4  Articles
Mother   11/28/2006

Mother, i love you for better or worse I am your son, blessed or cursed I relinquish my need to be understood I am family, your son i am good We are tree, i am your wood Career second, family first You made me, for better or for worse
Back in the day, late in the night We both waited for time to stand by For our patience winding down and uncharted road While sleeping ...

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Chillyfresh 65 M
1  Article
Ocean of Tears   1/30/2007

Beached on a coastal shore, an ancient love affair resurfaced from the ocean;
stepping on a shell that was once an emotion, a sting run up my heart, paralyzing the memory of an old passion.
Although cast to the sea many ages ago, the tide recalled the pain that became a human cry to be echoed in solitude.

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SoyMiCorazon 52 F
1  Article
Being in Love   1/28/2011

Have you ever been in love? Horrible, isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defences, you build up a whole suit of armour, so that nothing can hurt you. Then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life... You give them ...

4 Comments, 31 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
When - ¿Cuándo   11/12/2006

I wrote this poem which was later copyrighted and recorded as a song. The poem includes the refrain as written for song.
______________________________________________ WHEN English:
V-1 WHEN we meet, will the sparks fly? When I look at your face, Will I see the reflection of my love From deep within your eyes?
Bridge: Will time stand still, will the ...

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tinne_nae 34 F
4  Articles

Romance is in my heart eversince i was a child Odd, i just knew and felt it then Blessed with Almighty's hand I genuinly believe 'm ay the right path Never, no never should i doubt Dreamin' tis face, these eyes and this very sweet smile Aimin' to hold, caress and kiss Remem'ring these thoughts makes me feel glad Overjoyed to have you in flesh, ain't dreamin' Zilch in ...

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Duane305 58 M
1  Article
Dying Heart   11/29/2006

Dying Heart by Duane D Davis
This night I feel the breath of fire, a death within my soul My lifelong search, my heart's desire, now rests among the coals
If I had known this day would come, would anything have changed Could I have stopped this love of mine, to never know this pain
How does one seek to keep his love, how does one hold his ...

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knightofnightp 41 M
1  Article
Mysterious love   12/7/2006

I know it´s there. I call it. I it try to catch it. But it only walks away. Tell me how to reach it.

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Denverhigh 79 M
38  Articles
Spelling checker is important.   11/28/2006

A spelling checker is important: You can get one free on Google. You can also get a poem about one.
Bedder rid it slouly. Her et is:
= = = = = = = =
Eye Halve a Spelling Chequer
Eye halve a spelling chequer It came with my pea sea It plainly marques four my revue Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.
Eye strike a quay and type a word ...

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swaraj1985 35 M
7  Articles
Lonely Heart   12/23/2006

sitting down on a river bank thinking of past life expressions are feeling less life is hope less it should be broken heart broken heart never joined if they found other loving heat because it don't have soul

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swaraj1985 35 M
7  Articles
lonely eyes   4/23/2006

i and u makes am, he and she makes a family, love and ambition makes our life, love is on you and ambition about our life. ...

1 Comments, 47 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
swaraj1985 35 M
7  Articles
with love   9/15/2011

darling, where ever you are what ever you would be you will be here with me nothing can be done without i dont leave you ever and ever and ever....

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iloveperu 50 M
10  Articles
hi   10/8/2008

i know some really good poems but havent written any myself

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I bare no comments today...   12/31/2011

Strange earth, below me, is my guest today.. Pale sky upon me, I bare no comments today... Cool breeze surrounds me, can not move me away.. Heavy rain from the dark sky can not wash my pain away.. Shiny sun through the clods, will bright another day... But not my gloomy world away.. For I got my soul betray..........

2 Comments, 16 Views, 0 Votes
Lost Love   2/27/2010

I only knew you for a day or two we shared a meal, we shared a walk we shared some interesting conversational talk.

We went for a drive, it wasn't far in your new shiney black luxury car You lost your lights much to your dismay I felt sorrow- I hardly knew what to say Has fate would have it.. it was my time for me to depart and go back to mine I ...

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Only silly lyrik   5/16/2006

Where are you only my ? <br> Day so nice - shinning sun, Soul fly high to cloud. Night is nice cold and dark, Star and moon very bright. <br> Where you, my only one, Only my dear friend…. May be walk, may be work, May be sit with other girl… Where you my desire, my beloved, Only my ?

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Denverhigh 79 M
38  Articles
"Do you have any regrets?"   4/18/2006

My Regrets? January 25, 2006 By Denverhigh 279 Words.
I’m sometimes asked, "Do you have any regrets?" My answer is always, "No." But I do. I never tell anyone my regrets.
No! Do I regret falling in love with you? Do I regret making love to you? Do I regret the day we got married? Do I regret the day we got married again? Do I regret that I was ...

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brownest_eyes03 32 M
3  Articles
Afternoon on A Bench   2/15/2006

sexy and beautiful women passing by <br> that one usual afternoon on a bench <br> "nice butt!" said george, my naughty friend <br> we're eyeing an attractive lady <br> "yeah and mouth-watering legs!" I agreed. <br> <br> then i was left alone with a pair of observant eyes <br> i fixed my gaze to that certain lady <br> my ...

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U Love Me   11/3/2005

U Love me, U love me not U told me once and I forgot I do believe that GOD above created u for me 2 Love If I shall die before u wake I'll wait for u at Heavens Gate If you're not there by judgement day I'll know then that u had went the other way So just to prove my love for u is true I'll go there to be with U. Never the less or just the same Please remember ...

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